13th November, 2016

Dear friends,

This week we visited the parents of Simon Peter and Denis (not Denish, as he had spelt it!) both of whom come from the outskirts of Kampala. Simon Peter’s mother was pleased to see him; since his father’s death, he had lived with his grandmother and relatives of his father, some of whom had been unkind, consequently causing him to leave her home a couple of years ago.

Denis was reluctant to meet his father who lives with a stepmother and their three children. The father has beaten him badly on several occasions (confirmed by a neighbour), but at least now they have met and we have the father’s permission for Denis to be in George’s Place at present.

Both Peace and Sam attended meetings this week, Peace went to an all day meeting held by the Probation Officer Thursday and Sam went to a Crane meeting in the afternoon, so much gets said and written down but the implementation takes longer.

We now have 15 + chicks at George’s Place, I’ve given up counting and naming them as there are so many at all different stages and a hen sitting on even more eggs! I will have to find another hen house and take some home with me or we will be overrun! Anton is also doing well with the plants he is growing on the roof, he has water melons, tomatoes, aubergines and herbs. He would do well working in agriculture.

‘Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithfulAnd let us consider how we may spur each other on to do good works.’ Hebrews 10 v 23

On Friday Bob and I travelled to Mbale to visit the boys on the vocational training course. We took Anton and Denis with us as we thought they would benefit from seeing their friends and the college.

It was amazing seeing how much the boys have changed in three months, they are all so much bigger, more confident and enjoying their courses. There have been a few problems with the hostel where they are staying but all in all everything is running smoothly. We took them out for a local meal on Friday night and they all talked about their experiences. They all want to visit their families over the Christmas holidays which I feel is encouraging. Godfrey and Tim are orphans but we have met their extended families and will be in touch with them to arrange visits.

God has certainly been blessing the work of Homes of Promise and we give Him the Glory. Thank you for all of your prayers for the boys. We found more boys sleeping on the streets of Mbale, photo attached. (Is this where God is calling us!)

On our way back we visited Betty (who I used to walk with, but we have both been so busy recently it just hasn’t happened) her and Ken have a farm on the outskirts of Jinga, right on the banks of The Nile, a beautiful spot, quiet and peaceful. I am hoping to catch up with her next week when she’s back in Kampala.

I’m just off to church, the weather remains warm and sunny, so am walking, it will probably take about 30mins. but need some exercise.

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.

Love and prayers.