13th January, 2019

Dear friends,

This week we have had to invest in a proper step ladder at George’s Place. Patrick was climbing on the roof trying to retrieve the football and as he stepped back on to the ladder it fell (the ladder was made from odd pieces of wood just put together with a few nails) he cut his hands badly and had to have stitches. The following day Uncle Sam was replacing an outside light bulb on the building and a rung on the ladder split in two. We were so relieved that he hadn’t hurt himself. Consequently we now have a smart new ladder and I have given instructions as to when and how it is used, which the older boys found amusing!

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3 v17

The sun has been shining all week with high temperatures – thankfully Bob arranged for the air conditioning in the car to be fixed – which is wonderful – not only are we cool when we’re travelling but the windows can be closed preventing all the dust and dirt flying in.

I had two monkeys visit my home garden one morning and play with Jackie the dog, but we’ve not encouraged them as they bring their friends and could easily enter the house. William and Patrick shooed them away after a couple of hours.

It still seems very quiet in George’s Place – the boys who are home have been out playing football in the late afternoons (too hot earlier!) they also went for swimming on Thursday and we walked to Jahazi Pier another afternoon as there is plenty of shade there for football and badminton and a few swings.

Peace, Bob and I travelled to Nazigo on Friday about 3 hrs from Kampala, where we had arranged to visit Musumba’s grandmother and bring him back to George’s Place. After the visit Bob handed out some of the knitted children’s jumpers, baby clothes, and blankets that arrived at New Year these were all greatly appreciated. Travelling back to Kampala we stopped to buy mangoes, jack fruit and avocados that looked so good – we had been given matoke, pineapples and pawpaw from the family – so plenty of fresh fruit for the weekend. The younger boys were so happy and excited to see Musumba back.

Anton has sent a few photos of him digging his land in Ibanda – we are planning to visit this coming week to find out how he is progressing. We are also looking for a work placement for Emma who has finished his welding course and for an internship for Simon Peter for the remainder of the holidays. It really isn’t easy to find work here for youngsters.

Saturday afternoon we had our normal visit to KK Beach where the boys enjoyed football, badminton and the trampolines. I then met up with Diana and Sue in the evening for a coffee as it was Diana’s birthday and Sue has just arrived back here for three months.

Love and prayers.