1st November, 2020

Dear friends,

With the dark evenings, a week of rain and news tonight of another lockdown it is with some apprehension that I am writing about all the good things that are still happening at George’s Place. Of course, there are always a few problems – but the boys are fit and healthy, keeping occupied, appreciating each other and the love and kindness they receive from the staff in the home.

Augustine (building work) and Simon Peter (plumbing) called in to see everyone this week and to let them know they were fine. We have arranged for Martin one of our social workers to call at the weekends to check on the older boys who are now working and resettled in accommodation nearby. They all seem to be managing on their allowance from us and their very basic wages, which is an encouragement. I had a text message from Tim (baker) earlier in the week, (Hi jajja jane hw ar u- translated ‘Hi granny Jane how are you’), which was nice but I don’t think he has had the money for data to check my reply!

‘But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.’ Micah 7v7

The boys at George’s Place have been busy with school and craftwork. There must have been a problem with the water cistern this week, as I have received a number of photographs of the plumber working, with the boys looking on, no one has told me what the problem was and hopefully, it is now fixed. I am not sure who it is taking the shower under the water tank but obviously, the weather is warmer than here!

Shadrach has been busy paying the bills today. The cars have both been fixed and I have paid for seat covers for the newer car (about 12 years old) which is used for travelling to the villages, as we are never sure what we will be asked to transport or how many people will be asking for lifts, I am hoping that the covers will help to keep the inside of the car cleaner!

Peace and Shadrach have also looked into Asaph coming back from the village and doing some carpentry work in Nsambya. Hopefully, the colleges will open up again shortly so that Asaph can return to his course at Don Bosco. Shadrach is also looking for hairdressing work for Shaffick as when I spoke to Shaffick last Sunday he was not his usual cheery self and sounding like he wanted to be out working and keeping busy.

The weather looks warm in Kampala. I am missing the boys – their banter, energy, fun, singing, dancing, antics, the perpetual loud noise and especially the hugs I received when I arrived each morning. When I returned to the U.K. at Easter I had no idea I would still be here in November, but we know we can trust God who is in control of everything even when we are unsure of the future.

Thinking of you all as we face another time of isolation.

Love and prayers.