7th April, 2019

Dear friends,

I arrived safely back in Uganda on Sunday afternoon – the airport was chaotic as two planes arrived at the same time! – I queued in the wrong queue at passport control as I didn’t realise I was ‘East African/Resident’ (obviously tired!). Bob, of course, was there waiting for me – we have a new car (not HoP) I had sent money to him to look for one as the old car was needing more and more attention – it was 20 years old and I thought it was time to update. The new one is just a newer version and hopefully will be as reliable and dependable.

The boys welcomed me back Sunday evening – I’m not sure if the excitement was for seeing me or for the packets of pastilles – you could hear their enjoyment lots of sucking and slurping of sweets!

I have settled into work – sorting out accounts and trying to organise a Management Meeting for May – not easy to get everyone together. Peace had a meeting with the Probation Officer on Wednesday – we are still awaiting Approval by the Ministry of Gender.

‘………………The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’ 1 Samuel 16 v7

Joshua arrived home from school on Monday looking really worried – he had forgotten his homework book. I suggested he copied the questions from his brother’s book onto a piece of paper and add the answers, which he did, I then wrote a note to his teacher explaining the situation, he eventually managed to smile! He and his brother, Saviour, are very well behaved, nice boys. I have been in demand when the boys come back from school checking their homework and also mending lots of school shorts, shirts and weekend shorts – no one does sewing whilst I’m away and it’s not really one of my talents either!

When I was in the UK I did buy the boys new shorts, vests and boxer shorts (from a donation we received) these are coming with my son and his family who arrive next Tuesday. I also sent an extra case by air with swimming shorts, knitted hats, footballs, things for Aunt Jane (Augustine’s sister)and other donations, which arrived on Thursday – the boys loved getting the hats and swim wear!

Bob and Sam went to Maranatha School Friday morning for a book day to meet the teachers and check the boys work. We are pleased that Saviour is still first in his class, his brother, Joshua 6th and James who was finding school difficult has done really well and is 8th in the class. James used to grizzle a lot of the time if he didn’t get his own way but he is definitely improving and his school report was good. Musumba was also 1st in his class. We do emphasise to the boys that not everyone one can be top and as long as they are trying their best it’s fine – but it is difficult for some of the older boys who have just started school at 11/12 years and are in the same class as 5 year olds.

Anton has sent photos of the store he is building and the gnuts which seem to be growing well. We will hopefully visit him after Easter.

The week has gone quickly, Saturday morning Bob and I went to visit Simon Peter in Bombo, for his Visiting Day – he is fine, we took him a football and a couple of badminton rackets so that he can enjoy some exercise with his friends. In the afternoon we took the boys swimming, it was 40 degrees, they enjoyed cooling off! Ole is coming today to visit the boys so they are all excited – more sweets perhaps!

Sending love and prayers.