28th February, 2021

Dear friends,

Unfortunately, I have had no photographs this week from Homes of Promise in Uganda but will attach a few that have been sent recently. I’ve also had little contact with the staff or boys but have been kept up to date via emails. We did try to have a meeting earlier in the week but had difficulty connecting as the WiFi link was weak.

I have heard that the boys are all fine, the younger ones had their homeschooling classes and the art class yesterday. Hopefully, the younger boys will all be back in Maranatha Christian School shortly. Kodet is already back in P7, he will be sitting his National exams in March and hoping to go into Senior School if he passes.

‘And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.’ Colossians 3 v 17

Ronald and Asaph are returning to Don Bosco on Monday. Ronald has asked if he can change course as he would like to join the carpentry course – he had only completed one term on the plumbing and welding course so we have agreed to this change. Haruna will go back to Connect Africa on Tuesday to recommence his welding course. Shadrach has been busy buying all their requirements for returning to college, which includes toilet paper, brooms, drinking chocolate, gnuts, biscuits and I see some new bed sheets and mosquito nets on the expenses.

We are having to change Shaffick and Paul’s college as Meeting Point do not look like they are reopening and when we checked, their boarding facilities seem to have deteriorated over the last year. Peace and Shadrach are going to take the boys to look around another college this coming week with the hope that they can do their final year in hairdressing and tailoring. Obviously, some colleges and schools will close through lack of funds, especially if they have no outside support. Dennis who is now living with his uncle and cousins is starting at Luzira Secondary School on Monday.

We are helping Simon Peter who has had difficulty finding a plumbing apprenticeship, to start up a small business making and selling popcorn. He will still look for plumbing/building site work but at least with this new venture, he will be able to earn some money to support himself. He is a very sensible young man and serious about work and wanting to help his mother and younger siblings, his father died before he came into our care. His mother works hard cleaning the streets and is paid very little.

Anton telephoned me a couple of times in the week – he has sold some of the maize he has grown and was asking if he could purchase sand for his house build. Peace will be dealing with the Local Councillor who is recommending a builder – all this will take time but Anton is wanting to be involved and keen to get the work underway.

Our work continues and evolves – we continue to seek God about the way forward – we are encouraged that

I am attaching a link to my nephew Adam’s latest Reflection on the ‘Conversion of St. Paul’ – well worth a read. https://ramblesthroughmymind.blogspot.com/

Many thanks once again for your ongoing support and prayers.

Love Jane