3rd June, 2018

Dear friends,
The boys went back to school last Monday, Peace, Sue and I took Paul and Simon Peter to Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre (boarding) for them to start their plumbing and welding course. It’s a couple of hours drive from Kampala, but we found the place easily enough (I was anxious as Bob had driven before and I wasn’t sure I remembered the route!) and settled the boys on a warm sunny afternoon.

On our way back we managed to get to the market and buy some of the fruit and vegetables for the week – matoke, tomatoes, Irish potatoes etc. When we arrived at George’s Place Sam had gone to the taxi park to collect young James who was returning from visiting his mother’s home in Tororo. Little Brian arrived back in the evening with Bob, who had collected him from his uncles in Masaka. All the boys have now returned and are in school (12 of them). Tim and Godfrey are still with us and involved in helping with the food and cleaning up the house and compound – we are looking at helping them to find work in the area.

‘The young lions do lack and suffer hunger; but they who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.’ Psalm 34 v10

Sue and I managed to go to Munyonyo for a swim one afternoon and also have had a couple of walks in the area during the week. The house is very quiet when the boys are all at school!

On Thursday we went to Murchison Falls National Park, taking Godfrey with us, and had a wonderful Game drive early Friday morning – seeing young lion cubs playing, giraffes, elephants, buffalo, Ugandan kobs and a leopard in the distance. It was an amazing 24 hours in which we managed to fit in a riverboat cruise, on the Nile, to the Falls and also saw crocodiles and hippopotamus. The car windows were left open when we waited for a ferry to cross the river and a large greedy baboon jumped in the car and stole our packed breakfasts – giving other tourists and us an amusing 10 mins as he munched through hard boiled eggs, pineapple, chapatis and a banana. He wasn’t keen on ‘Fanta’ and poured this on the ground to get rid of the gas, before lapping it up.

Sue is leaving tomorrow evening so the boys said their goodbyes and prayed for her on Saturday afternoon before going off to KK Beach. Shaffick managed to pray for all the visitors we have had in the last couple of years thanking God for their support and involvement. It’s been good having Sue with me, we are off to a branch of Watoto church this morning with Diana.

With love and prayers.


PS: We are happy to let you know that the HoP Accounts for 2017 are now on the Charity Commissioners website if you would like to see them, or email info@hopuganda.org and we’ll forward you a copy. Many thanks to Lynn for all her hard work.