6th February, 2016

Dear friends,

As you read this I shall be on my way home to the UK. My mum passed away peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday morning, she would have been 97 yrs. in June, and had been in Nairn House Nursing Home for the last 6 years. I had said goodbye to my mum many times over the last few years as her health deteriorated and dementia took hold, but she remained happy and content and I shall miss her dearly.

We began the Meals for Kids project at St. Balikuddembe convent on Monday, Jackie and Jim were with us, there were 40+ boys, a few problems arose as the area is vast, the latrines and washrooms located at the rear of the site and plenty of spaces for the boys to explore/hide, which was quite a challenge. Wednesday turned out much better, the boys were waiting for us when we arrived, sitting and laying under the shelter, Sister Benedict had told them to wait there, and they did! We fed about 50 boys, I asked Paul from Peace for Children Africa to help us and he will be involved for the next few weeks, he knows the boys well as many of them sleep in the PFCA compound. The boys washed themselves and their clothes, had enough to eat and also took away bags of rice for their next meal. There was a good atmosphere, Paul talked to them about the Prodigal Son, The Lord really blessed our time.

Tim and I took Jackie and Jim to the airport on Tuesday morning, then went and paid a few bills, so lots of driving for me this week. I had planned to go to Rukungiri to a wedding but need to be here sorting out arrangements for Tim to return to his uncle (which he is not happy about) whilst I’m away and how everything will run/be paid for at the project. My new friends Sue and Pat are being a great support.

‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.’ Psalm 46 v 1

We now have five baby chicks, Becky has two and Jenny three, Beatrix is looking after Becky’s two as she is a much better mother – photo attached. So our chicken farm is growing, I might need to get another box built to house them all – they’re laying their eggs in William’s room!

This afternoon, Friday, I met Sue as she had a hospital appointment and called in on Peace to collect some more beads to bring home to sell, Bp Michael had a verse to share and we prayed together for my travelling home and a peaceful outcome for the elections, which take place shortly (they live very near State House).

The weather is wonderful, warm, sunny and dry – I think it will be quite a shock coming home to the cold. I shop for vegetables in the local market each week and whilst I was with Sue at the hospital had a phone call from one of the stall holders asking if I had picked up the two bags of shelled peas or just one that morning (I am amazed at people’s concern, honesty and care, especially as I only buy peas, spinach and beans from this lady each week).

Tomorrow, Barbra will come with me to deliver things to the convent, they have kindly given us a cupboard to store bowls, brooms, charcoal, etc. As they won’t have the car until Bob returns they will be transporting jerry cans of water, rice, vegetables, cups and medical kit on boda’s, hope they take photo’s!

So I’m all set to return home following church on Sunday morning and although it isn’t a happy return I’m looking forward to seeing many of you and catching up with all your news.

With love and prayers,