19th January, 2020

Dear friends,

Some of the boys have returned from their villages this week, Kodet arrived Thursday evening and Shaffick, Paul and Dennis arrived Friday, its good to see them back. They all seem to have grown a few inches.

Shaffick and Paul resume their vocational training courses this Monday, so we have been busy buying the requirements. I had to go and get braids and weaves for Shaffick, for his hairdressing course. We thought he had been staying with his mother as he usually does but he tells us he spent the whole holiday with his father and stepmother and has been working at a hairdressers business doing some training. This is so encouraging, his father had virtually disowned him at one time. It’s amazing what God is doing in these young boys lives. Shaffick really seems to have grown up over the last few months. Paul will be returning to his tailoring course, he has spent Christmas with Dennis and his family in Pader in the north.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:16-18‬

Peace and I visited a Vocational Training Institute near Namugongo on Thursday, sponsored by Americans. We are hoping to be sending some of our boys there shortly. The facilities were wonderful and the school is set in beautiful surroundings, the students on all the courses do computer training as well. The term has not begun yet but they had a group of local girls there making ‘reusable pads’, mostly by hand but there was an 8 yr. old girl using a sewing machine efficiently.

Tony begins on a carpentry course this Monday, locally, we want to see how he settles having the responsibility of travelling daily before we send him to boarding, he has lots of issues but seems to be calming down now. We have had a few visitors this week, Tony’s stepfather and brother came to see him and also Ronald’s sister came as he also will be starting vocational training early next month. Ronald was one of our first boys to be rescued from the streets and has always been good, he has tried hard at school, always seems happy, never moody, with his own fashion style! He is now taller than his older sister!

Shadrach and Sam took the younger boys swimming on Wednesday and they have also been playing football some late afternoons when the heat has cooled down. Simon Peter put a new handle on one of the toilet cisterns (just finished plumbing course) and Emma fixed two new locks on bedroom doors. Simon Peter also shaved some of the younger boys heads. Augustine has helped with the requirements shopping but is off to visit his mother in the village this weekend. The older boys are making themselves useful to hopefully get small amounts of pocket money!

Everywhere is packed with school and vocational requirements – it’s amazing how much is required for a child even going to day school let alone away for three months!

Homes of Promise is running smoothly, it’s getting noisier by the day as more boys return but shortly some of them will be back boarding!

Please hold us in your prayers as we continue to seek God’s guidance for the future.

Love and prayers