Street children with donated Christmas gifts

29th December, 2019

Dear friends,

I have really missed a ‘traditional’ Christmas this year and have felt quite alone as the very different celebrations took place in Kampala. But the boys have enjoyed themselves over the holidays which has made up for spending my time working and not being with family or friends. I did manage to worship at Kampala International Church on Christmas Day which was amazing.

The boys have spent a couple of afternoons enjoying football on the ‘field’ and on Monday Chantal and I went and watched – the ground was extremely muddy as we have had lots of rain recently. Bob was busy getting this week’s food supplies though we have eaten out over the holidays as the cooks were both with their families. Gorette fell ill on the 27th so Godfrey cooked with help from some of the other boys!

‘……..the joy of the Lord is your strength’. Nehemiah 8 v10

On Christmas Day after church Bob arrived at George’s Place and gave the boys their gifts of small cars or money to the older teenagers, then they collected me from home and we went to a restaurant in Kampala where everyone had an enormous meal of either fish, chicken or goat – I chose goat but unfortunately couldn’t make much of an impression on the large piece of meat I was confronted with! Some of the older boys had difficulty eating as they suffer from travel sickness even for a short journey on bumpy roads in the minibus but you can always have food packed to take away and eat later. Following this, we went to KK Beach, which was absolutely full of people so there was very little chance for our normal activities but lots of loud music, entertainment and excitement.

Sam and I walked the boys to a local cafe on Boxing Day for chicken/fish and chips and everyone’s plate was cleared apart from bones! I then drove the younger ones (10 of them) to KK whilst Sam and the big boys walked – there was a show later in the afternoon with a man who walked the tightrope, jumped on a bed of nails, also had someone stand on him whilst he laid on the nails, balanced on a table balanced on beer bottles etc. all really funny. Benon and Sula went on stage and mimicked one of the singers and got a great round of applause. Patrick and Godfrey were my ‘minders’, that day as there were so many young people about and when I went to pay for the boys who had been on the bouncy castle they escorted me and made sure I was fine for the rest of our time there, Godfrey took lots of videos and photos on my iPad and I even got introduced to his girlfriend.

On Friday afternoon Big Brian arrived back with a bag of matoke and a live chicken, which they will probably want to eat on New Year’s Day!

Saturday some of the boys and Sam cleaned my car, it was a lovely hot day and they enjoyed playing with the soap and water before we returned for another afternoon at KK – we are so well known there now and the staff and security make us feel very welcome.

Tresor is coming to stay tonight again, as he always helps with the sound system at the service in Kampala International Church. At tomorrow’s service members have been asked to share some of the good things God has been doing in Kampala over the last year – I have given them a copy of our new video and hopefully, they will be able to use some of our boys testimonies and I’ll be given an opportunity to say something as well.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.