4th April, 2021

Happy Easter dear friends,

Greetings from Leeds where I am attending my nephew’s baptism at the sunrise service – 6 am!

The boys at Maranatha Primary School broke up on Monday for the Easter holidays. Asaph and Ronald arrived back unexpectedly at George’s Place on Tuesday from Don Bosco Vocational Training College for a few days to celebrate Easter. Big Brian chose to stay at college as he will shortly be taking his National exams in plumbing and metalwork. Kodet finished his exams and is now back at the home. We will need to be looking for something for him to be doing for the next few months until he gets his exam results.

‘Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed. Alleluia’

All the rest of the older boys have stayed at college for Easter. Some of the boys in independent living are planning to come to George’s Place for lunch on Sunday.

The television has now been repaired! It’s done really well as this was the TV we bought 6 years ago when we opened the home and it has had lots of ‘little’ fingers touching it, nothing major was wrong!

Denis has a Visiting Day on Easter Sunday and Shadrach has offered to visit the school and take him food, chicken and chips, and a few groceries. The boys went to church on Good Friday and will also go on Easter Sunday.

There were a few problems with Abdul’s knee operation and as far as I know he is still in hospital, and improving slowly. The wound opened up and bled then needed looking at again under anaesthetic. He has been vomiting and generally feeling unwell. I believe he is going back to the home Flavia runs when he is discharged, if not we will offer to take him in.

This week I managed to take another box of trainers, clothes, toothbrushes/ toothpaste, pens etc. for shipment.

The boys will be celebrating Easter by going to KK Beach Sunday afternoon, the first time for over a year, and then will be going to the swimming pool on Monday – things are definitely getting back to normal in Kampala. Saturday afternoon they really enjoyed playing together with the Lego.

Anton has sent me some photographs on the progress he has made to the latrine, it looks like he has made himself a room to bathe in as well. He still needs to do the roof with corrugated sheets but he has done really well so far.

I never imagined when I arrived back in the U.K. last Easter Sunday that I would still be here a year later. I have now had my second vaccination and hope to be planning my return to Uganda shortly. The boys are growing up fast and I feel I have missed out on being with them and listening to them for too long.

With every blessing.

Jane x