11th March, 2018

Dear friends,

I’m sitting at KK beach on Saturday afternoon, it’s warm and there is a breeze from Lake Victoria which is making it really pleasant. Most of the boys came here in the minibus but a few hadn’t bathed, Sam had asked them a number of times to wash but they ignored him so they have been left behind and have to walk here after they have showered! I imagine next week everyone will bathe when told!

Eventually, the rest of the boys arrived at KK and enjoyed the time there playing badminton, football, dancing and jumping on the trampolines. The boys attend church tomorrow morning and will go to play football after lunch.

‘But now faith, hope, and love remain-these three. The greatest of these is love.’ 1 Corinthians 13:13

Jackie left on Tuesday afternoon and we are thankful for all the work she has done for us on Contracts, Policies and Job Descriptions which needed updating.

Augustine arrived from the village yesterday, with a rabbit for eating, (so far I have saved it from such a tragic end, though am not sure how long for, as they all seem very keen on rabbit stew!). Augustine has been working for a builder and paid his own fares back here. He, Timothy and Samuel graduate next Friday in Mbale so we are awaiting the arrival of Samuel in the next couple of days and on Thursday next, Peace, Bob and I will travel with the three boys to attend the occasion and celebrations.

We had a Management Meeting this week and the members appreciated the extension to George’s Place, they felt it gave us more space for activities and adding to our numbers. The Health Inspector was happy that we will now have a medical room for when the boys are sick. James and Ashlaf are settling in well and we will be looking for their families in a couple of weeks time.

On Thursday it was Women’s Day so the boys were off school. Bob and Sam took them swimming and to the gym in the afternoon which they thoroughly enjoyed. In the morning they were all kept busy cleaning the extension, washing the floors, sweeping up outside etc. We will look at putting the older boys in there at the beginning of next week which will leave more space in the main house.

Five boxes of fish and chip baby jumpers arrived safely from the UK this week, having been in transit since last November, many thanks to Brenda and her knitters, we will take some of them with us to Mbale to distribute at the hospital.

So life in Kampala is as busy as ever, thankfully all the boys are fit and healthy and the few problems at school have been resolved. Following last weeks newsletter, a supporter has offered to buy us a table tennis table which I know will be really appreciated and made full use of. (Thank you.)

Have a blessed and peaceful Lord’s Day and Mothering Sunday, thank you for all your love and support.