8th November, 2020

Dear friends,

Asaph returned to George’s Place last weekend, he had been staying with his parents in the village, we were hoping he would be able to start some carpentry work at a Government run scheme this week, not far from the home but this has not been confirmed.

Kodet was taken on Tuesday to register at a school that is open, to start working towards his exams to enter into Primary 7 class. Teacher Francis thinks he has reached the required standard but as Maranatha School where all the boys attend is not yet open we have had to take him to a school in Nsambya. This is encouraging as the boys did miss a few months education during lockdown but have obviously studied hard since teacher Francis arrived.

‘And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.’ Philippians 4 v7

Haruna has been back a couple of weeks after visiting his family and seems to have settled, he is usually happy and smiling.

Peace is planning a visit to see Charles, who is staying with his father in Mbale, she is going to see if he can possibly attend a Vocational Institute in the area (if any are open) and start a course.

All the boys are fine, I have some photos of them busy washing their shoes and eating oranges (which happen to have green skins in Uganda). They have also been making ‘paper mache’ possibly to make masks – I will ask! I have seen from the photographs that some of the boys have put on weight and think this is probably due to lack of exercise – they are not yet allowed to play football outside and spend all their leisure time in the compound. When I next talk with them I will suggest Augustine (when he’s visiting), helps them to practice their football skills in passing the ball and keeping fit!

Wednesday lunchtime I spoke to Tim and his colleagues whilst he was at work and saw some of the cakes he had been baking which looked delicious. He looked very grown up, even though he’s not very big!

My car boot was full of clothes/pens/pencils/books/knitted hats (which I know the boys will be thrilled with) fish and chip jumpers, etc. so I drove to Tottenham one morning to the shipping agent and sent off a large box which hopefully will arrive early in the New Year.

This week I have seen a number of ‘clips’ on Facebook, of the slum areas in Kampala, showing boys (some of whom I know) and the problems they are facing.

Please be praying for the people of Uganda at the start of the 2021 Election campaigns.

With love and prayers as we face another lockdown.