14th June, 2020

Dear friends,

There was little to report last weekend but I’ve received lots of news over the past week. The boys are all fine, (only Joshua has unwell) and as lockdown eases in Uganda more of the older boys have returned.

‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ Romans 8 v28

Latest News

  • There was an emergency call one morning when an underground pipe split in the grounds of the annexe but Augustine was on hand and has temporarily fixed the leak. I have been in contact with the landlady in the USA and her representative will call next week.
  • The batteries and alternator on the car needed replacing and this has now been worked on.
  • Gorette has moved into her new home and we have been able to help with some of the down payment for rent.
  • Sam went away for a few days holiday and visited Derrick and Kodet, taking food to Kodet’s large family, 9 siblings.
  • The boys continue to have lessons at home and we have bought more school ‘holiday packages’ (written exercise books for them to work from).
  • Shadrach and Sam went to visit Victor who is staying with an aunt and is keeping well but wanting to return to GP soon. (I would have brought him back with me!)
  • Tresor visited and stayed a night. As his telephone is quite good I was able to see and talk to all the boys last Monday – they have grown!
  • Patrick went back to work/home on Tuesday but I was surprised to see him in a photograph from yesterday, I presume he’s returned just for the weekend.
  • One morning they had general cleaning that all the boys are involved in – we take the furniture out of the houses, wash the floors and windows and have a really good clean.
  • The clothes store has also been sorted and cleaned out.
  • There was a celebration of pork or chicken for the easing of the lockdown!

It’s good to know that everything is working well at George’s Place and that there have been no major problems during these difficult times. I have to remember that this is God’s work and I’m not indispensable, even though occasionally I have a tendency to think so! I miss seeing the boys, listening and talking with them and all the ‘hugs’, hopefully, it won’t be too many months before I’m back.

Thank you once again for all your love and support for our work.

With love and prayers.