1st July, 2018

Dear friends,

I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather, I believe it’s warmer in London than in Kampala! I seem to have had a week of meetings, on Tuesday we had a Management Meeting that went well.

Friday, Bob and I attended Crane’s AGM Stakeholders Meeting, which was for most of the day. Crane and VIva (an International Christian Children’s Charity) work with UK Aid and DFID seeking to keep children safe. We always attend the meetings for NGO’s working with Street connected children, but at the AGM there were representatives from church groups working with children, organisations working with children with disabilities and from the education sector, all of whom are seeking to keep Ugandan children safe. It was interesting to hear all that had been achieved but there were some alarming figures about teenage pregnancies and the amount of children living on the streets of major towns in the country.

‘God… is not far from any one of us’…Acts 17:27.

Sunday, we went to Dennis’ school as parents had been invited to see their child’s mid-term results. Before the meeting, we attended the student’s church service and although the accompaniment was loud the dancing, singing and testimonies were really encouraging, it was good to worship with them. The new Entebbe- Kampala road has been opened which is wonderful and cuts travelling time to the school by half. Bob also visited the boys at Meeting Point this week whilst I met Betty for coffee as I hadn’t seen her since returning to Kampala.

Some of our boys have had tonsillitis but it hasn’t deterred them from school or enjoying all our sports activities at home in the evenings and at KK Beach on Saturday.

There are of course challenges and upsets but we pray that all our boys come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, transforming and changing their lives to become self-sufficient adults. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.