25th July, 2021

Dear friends,

The boys are all fine.

This week I have heard from Anton, Derrick and Dennis. Dennis went to stay with his mother and step father in Pader, north east Uganda when the schools closed. He is fine but wanting to return to George’s Place as soon as lockdown finishes.
Derrick lives near Mbale and is concerned about his father who is very unwell following a stroke last December, Derrick has finished his apprenticeship and is trying to find welding work. Anton is anxious about himself, his medication has finished and he is unable to travel to a clinic, to get a repeat prescription because of lockdown restrictions. Thankfully Shadrach has been in contact with all three and reassured them.

‘If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.’ Romans 12 v18.

Kodet passed his P7 exams and is wanting to go into Senior School at the beginning of next year. If there is an opportunity I would like him to go for some vocational training beforehand; he is getting older and I think he should really be training in a life skill. Your prayers please about this – the staff in Uganda would like Kodet to continue in school for another 4 years, which means he will be 19/20 yrs. before he starts vocational training. I believe there are more work opportunities for skilled manual workers. Connect Africa is an extremely good vocational college and the boys do continue with their studies, if the lockdown finishes soon perhaps he could go for three months to the college before we/he make a decision. Meanwhile this week Kodet has been helping the younger boys with the school work Uncle Sam has prepared for them.

The older boys at George’s Place all received tshirts/tops from the boxes that arrived from the U.K. They have been asking for new badminton rackets and shuttlecocks which have already been shipped and should arrive shortly, some of them are really good at badminton, (sadly we haven’t been able to find anywhere to get rackets restrung). There have been no photographs of football being played this week but I imagine they have enjoyed having a proper ball to play with and hopefully the net is still in place!

Shadrach will be buying extra supplies of rice and beans this coming week for Flavia’s children’s home and for families in need in the local community. Shadrach also sent me estimates for repairing the perimeter walls and repainting them and we will shortly be getting this work done.

So very little news – I have heard from Patrick, who was the security man at the house I rented, you might remember photos of his wife and children when they stayed for 6 months. He returned to his home village last December and was struggling for medical fees. Please be praying for the many people suffering because of the lockdown in Uganda.

We continue to be blessed through your prayers and support. We have an amazing God who meets all our needs.

With love and prayers.