7th October, 2018

Dear friends,

Celebration on 18th October at The Charis Centre, Jesus Church, Forty Hill, Enfield.7pm for coffee and desserts. 7.30pm – 8.30pm update on the work of Homes of Promise.

Last Sunday afternoon I went to All Saints with Peace for a Mothers’ Union celebration meal with Lynne Tembey (MU Worldwide President) who was the Guest of Honour; the Archbishop of Uganda and his wife also attended. It was wonderful to be included in their celebrations. Lynne had travelled to Gulu that day, by small plane – and things didn’t work out quite as planned but that is usual here and everyone just adjusts timetables accordingly. It was good to see Lynne and hear something of her visit to Uganda which she described as a normal MU trip but sounded exhausting having also travelled to Mbarara on the Saturday. Lynne is such an inspiration and blessing to the organisation and her energy and pleasure in meeting members comes across as she is so open, approachable, friendly and amazing at sharing her faith. It was a lovely evening.

‘You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.’ Isaiah 26:3

On Monday Peace and I went to Nakasero market to buy the weekly fruit and vegetables, which we do when Bob is away. We always take William (my home security) to look after the car whilst we shop (as I had left him with the car key he decided to turn the car around, he has no licence, but thankfully he didn’t hit anything, and nothing hit him!) We also hired a young man to carry our heavy purchases back to the car and we managed to get the shopping in a couple of hours before the midday heat. Two of the baby rabbits have survived and these now have fur so look a bit more like rabbits!

Augustine is still with us but looking at going back to the village, where at least he can find some casual building work. He has been unable to find any paid employment on local building sites in Kampala – though plenty of buildings are going up – but lots of men looking for work.

I haven’t been too well for a couple of days and went to the doctor so am now on antibiotics – hopefully I will be back to normal soon – I’ve had three days off!

The boys are all fine, they had a holiday from school on Friday as it was a teachers training day. A young man came to show them how to make liquid soap, which might save us money if they do it well and make it regularly. Another skill the boys have learnt to add to their paper bag making, rabbit and chicken rearing.

So now I’m busy planning to leave next Wednesday, trying to sort out the paperwork here for whilst I’m back in the UK. Petra has been really helpful with the accounts – she only comes in one day a week but is very efficient and works hard, a real blessing. Next Tuesday is Independence Day so the boys will be off school again and Uncle Sam is probably planning to kill a few chickens for lunch that day to celebrate – I expect we will take them to KK Beach in the afternoon as there will be something special on there. I do hope to meet up with most of you over the next month and share something of how the work has progressed in the last five months. There have been problems but the blessings far outweigh the concerns as we learn daily to trust in the Lord for these young boys lives.

Thank you for all your love, support and prayers.

Many blessings.

Love from