6th January, 2019

Dear friends,

On Sunday’s I regularly attend Kampala International Church at Heritage school; the grounds are beautiful and the walk into the hall where we meet is a spectacular, peaceful oasis. The church is non-denominational with members of all nationalities – under a leadership team – all busy people – mainly missionaries – leading and preaching. Although I’ve been attending for a few years now I haven’t got involved in a house group but appreciate the support of many of the members.

Homes of Promise boys and staff celebrated New Year at the Christian Life Church meeting held at the Kololo airstrip in the middle of Kampala where thousands of people came together to pray in the New Year. There were fireworks at midnight and all the boys enjoyed being up late, although the security man had fallen asleep by the time we got back to George’s Place. Uncle Sam even got them up early the next morning to attend their local church – not sure how wide awake they were, (I had a lazy morning at home). For New Year’s lunch Sam killed a couple of chickens and we had a piece of goat meat as well, (which I’m getting a taste for, although you need good teeth!) and then went off to KK Beach for more celebrations – in the evening young people were on the stage dancing and singing – I suggested our boys took part but none of them would!

‘But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’ Isaiah 40 v 31

It’s been very quiet at George’s Place with many of the younger boys still with their relatives in the village but those at home have got interested in doing ‘word searches’ and this week have spent hours with pencils and papers finding words – keeping them all busy. Augustine has gone off to work in the northern area of Uganda for a few weeks and keeps in regular contact by phone. Anton has also phoned on several occasions and is being kept busy digging the land in Ibanda – he is looking for people to help him dig (at a reasonable price). Tim has also been occupied baking cakes, which we have enjoyed.

One morning this week Bob took me to a retreat centre run by an American couple – he drove for them about 10 years ago when they visited Jinja with their young family. They really only cater for groups at the centre but were willing for me to go there occasionally – eating with their family – so I think I will book myself in for a night or two when I need a break.

Bob, Sam and Paul took the boys swimming Friday afternoon whilst I looked after the houses and entertained one of our landlords who came to check on her premises – everything was fine and she appreciated how well we are looking after the property.

We are having some work done on the outside latrines (doors being fitted to the cubicles) and the shower cubicle painted; some of the dining benches have also gone to the carpenters to be strengthened and we are having new cushions and covers for the chairs – hopefully everywhere will be looking a bit smarter by the end of the month. Ten of our boys are still with their relatives in the village so it’s an opportunity to get some improvements done.

With every good wish for 2019. Love