5th January, 2020

Dear friends,

Happy New Year.

Early Monday morning Augustine, William and I went to the market for the weekly shopping. William looked after the car whilst we shopped – we employed a youngster to carry things back to him each time. Apart from fresh fruit and vegetables we also bought 50 kg. of dried peas, the car was packed. I wasn’t able to take photos as I had my hands full with lists, money etc. but it didn’t take us long to get everything we needed.

The weather has been extremely hot this week and a couple of afternoons Sam and I have taken the younger boys swimming, which they have thoroughly enjoyed. Most early afternoons have been spent in the shade resting, playing cards, on the iPads or watching TV. Derrick returned safely back to us on Thursday, and Ronald on Saturday

“The bolts of your gates will be iron and bronze, and your strength will equal your days.” Deuteronomy 33:25

New Year’s Eve we hadn’t planned anything so I invited the boys to my home to celebrate. The older ones asked if they could go to KK Beach as there was entertainment and fireworks – they all enjoyed and arrived back at GP in the early hours of the morning. At home, we had a party with balloon fights, dancing, jam sandwiches, ice cream, sodas and cake (which we didn’t eat until the next day). We prayed in the New Year, and missed the local fireworks! I eventually arrived home by 2.30 pm – exhausted – as I had to drive them back.

Of course, the chicken big Brian came back with was eaten New Year’s Day with an extra rather scrawny one. The celebrations continued with another visit to KK in the afternoon – it was packed there. Sula was again on stage ‘rapping’ with Ivan accompanying him. By 8 pm I needed to sit in the car to get away from the noise and Yusuf joined me whilst Simon Peter and Big Brian rounded up the younger boys. It wasn’t a late-night as everyone was tired by this time.

Anton went back to Ibanda on Thursday.

The New Year has begun – what will the new decade have in store for Homes of Promise – the older boys are talking of wanting to start up a workshop for welding and have big ideas but this would need much thought, prayer and monitoring if it was to go forward and succeed. At the end of this week, I’m feeling tired but I know that the Lord gives us the strength to go on as this is His work and He holds the future in His hands.

With love and prayers for a Healthy, Happy 2020.


PS: Sorry for the delay in sending this – I have had food poisoning and have spent the last 16 hours in bed vomiting – beginning to feel slightly better now!