Our former street boys welcome visitors

17th January, 2021

Dear friends,

I have had very little news from Uganda this week as the Internet was shut down due to the elections and there has been no WhatsApp, Messenger or Email connection since last Tuesday. A Government Minister advised the BBC on Saturday evening that it will be restored shortly. I did manage to speak to Shadrach on the telephone on Saturday afternoon but this is an expensive way of communicating – hopefully, things will return to normal next week.

Shadrach has told me all the boys are fine. He and Derrick attended a church service for Betty last Sunday and the burial at her farm in Jinja on Monday. I received an email from Ken on Tuesday morning letting me know that he was still finding it difficult to come to terms with losing his ‘best friend and wife of 40 years’. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Ken and his daughters.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6 v10

Shadrach also informed me that Big Brian is going back to Don Bosco vocational institute to resume his training in plumbing and welding this coming Monday – it is his last year. Kodet who is in Year 7 will also start back at school that day in preparation for his exams. Mary the art teacher visited on Saturday and teacher Francis will restart his homeschooling classes with the boys who are staying at George’s Place also on Monday.

Unfortunately, I have received no photographs of the boys.

We have been trying to find out information about the boy with sores on his arm that I wrote about last week. Shadrach couldn’t find him in the hospital – but has promised to contact the other charity to find out where the boy is so that we can help with the medical fees.

More boxes have arrived from the U.K. but I’m not sure if they have been collected from the shipping agents.

Last Sunday I received a photograph of Ole and Karo, who rarely work together but found themselves on the same flight. Ole and his wife Lise, (their daughter has also visited GP) come from Norway and Karo from Poland (her friends and brother came and stayed with me for a few days in December 2017) they live and work out of Dubai and have visited George’s Place on numerous different occasions and support our work – the boys love their visits, there is always great excitement. Karo is a member of City Lights Church in Dubai, who support us in prayer and financially.

Please continue to pray for us in these difficult times – especially with the limited access I have to news of the boys. I have never felt so distant from them all, though I did receive a message from Anton last Monday, who is fine. Hopefully, the boys staying with their families in the village are all keeping safe from COVID infections.

Thank you for your love and support.

Love and prayers,