18th April, 2019

Dear friends,

Last Sunday (7th April) Ole came to visit with three of his flight attendants. The boys enjoyed meeting them and especially appreciated a large jigsaw puzzle, of the British Isles, that he gave them, this has been used daily since the visit. Ole also came with new tshirts for the boys which they were delighted with – they are looking smart!

Therefore we will not fear…’ Psalm 46: 1/2

I have had such a special week with Nicky, Paula, Luke and Emily coming to stay. They arrived on Tuesday and have spent time with the Homes of Promise boys getting to know them. We all attended the International Day for the Street Connected Child, with 100s of street boys on the 12th. Luke spoke to a boy, Najib, who wanted to change his life and after informing the Probation Officer, Najib came back to George’s Place. He has been for a medical check and is fine. We have known him for a number of years but he has never wanted help before so we were pleased to welcome him. At the event I also acquired a puppy that one of the street boys was walking around with, full of fleas and lice, he has visited the vets had his first injections and a couple of baths and is now at my home with ‘Jackie’. Emily named him ‘Peanut’. Whilst we were there we did see Tony who had run away from us in September last year following a home visit. Bob contacted his mother and stepfather who came and collected him and hopefully he will settle back with them. We will keep in contact to see what help we can offer. We also saw big Shaffick who asked our forgiveness for running away last year, he wants to return but we are reluctant to take him back into George’s Place. We are planning to help him once he has stopped sniffing jet fuel, and hope to meet up with him at the church outreach programme.

Thursday my family visited Jinja to see the source of the Nile and we went to KK Beach with the boys on Saturday. Luke settled in well with the boys, spent time with them playing football, music, chatting and eating the local food. Tim cooked a ‘Welcome to Uganda cake’ which everyone enjoyed. Emily taught our boys to play ‘Safari Trumps’.

It’s not been too hot and been a pleasure to have AC in the new car, making travelling more comfortable. Today, Sunday, we are travelling to Murchison Falls for a couple of days for a river trip and a Game Drive, so a bit of a holiday for me!

I was unable to send this as we had limited internet/phones whilst we were there!

With love and prayers.