25th June, 2017

Dear friends,

Patrick and Emma went off to the Vocational Training College on Monday morning.  Patrick was fine but Emma was rather anxious.  We have known Patrick for the last three years (when he was on the streets) and he has a good relationship with us whereas Emma who is younger was unknown to us when we picked him up at the International Day of the Street Child in early April.  I was hoping the boys might be able to return at weekends to George’s Place but the school bursar said we can’t even visit them until the 2nd July when they have an Open Day – so prayers please that they both settle in well and enjoy their course.

In the afternoon Sam and I walked the boys to Munyonyo and Tony spoke to a young man who was sitting enjoying the delightful views over Lake Victoria.  He happened to be staying at the hotel overnight as he works for an airline.  He asked if he could visit our project next week when he returns again, Iyad is from Jordan and was going to let all the crew know about meeting us.  God is amazing

‘Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.’  Hebrews 13 v2 

On Thursday afternoon Ole and three young ladies from the flight crew made an unexpected visit – his flight schedule was changed – he has so much ‘stuff’ for us he is getting anxious about storage space in his home in Dubai!  Ole brought books, Tshirts and shorts that were all gratefully received and we all spent a pleasant few hours – even though there was no power!

Tim has been cooking cakes, samosas, chapatis, fish fillet (wonderful) etc. (and giving baking lessons to Gorrett, Derrick and Tony) we are all thoroughly enjoying the goodies.  After the first night staying at my home he decided he wanted to be in George’s Place with the rest of the boys so moved back.  We have made slight alterations to the weekly menu and are now enjoying maize for afternoon tea bought from a local kerbside vendor – delicious – would love it smeared in butter but no such luck.

I had been hoping to pick up a couple more boys this week but this hasn’t happened, the need is so great it seems wrong to have empty beds – more prayer, please. 

So life continues at George’s Place.  Looking forward to seeing some of you shortly.

Love and blessings.