16th August, 2020

Dear friends,

Early in the week, I managed to ship a box of t-shirts, shoes and football boots to Uganda, that friends had been collecting for me – it usually takes about three months for them to get there.

The boys are all keeping well.

The younger boys in George’s Place have been working hard in their homeschooling lessons. Kodet who is in Primary 6 told me he has schoolwork every day and he is trying his best. Hopefully, the schools will be back in September.

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.” Isaiah 32 v18

The churches are still not opened so they have had services at home each Sunday with Shadrach playing his guitar.

Kasita has arrived back, he had stayed some of the lockdown with his grandfather in Mukono and also stayed in the village with his uncle, aunt and cousins. We have 19 boys now in the home, 10 more still staying with their relatives. Some of the boys had new sandals yesterday.

Shadrach visited Patrick, on Tuesday, who is back working, doing welding and metalwork. He had been staying with his father but is now moving into his own accommodation with a friend. It’s a very basic room and we will help him with his half of the rent for a few months and a few basic necessities. He has his mattress, bedding, towels and metal box that each boy receives when they arrive at HoP.
It is encouraging to see some of the older boys finally settling down, although of course, we look forward to their regular visits.

I also had a conversation with Augustine, who has been doing temporary work on building sites and feels ready to be living on his own now. Shadrach is looking into finding him somewhere to stay.

So life continues at George’s Place – I really miss the boys and when I talk to them on Saturdays they all ask when I’m coming back – borders are still not open!

With love and prayers.