21st February, 2021

Dear friends,

Peace and Shadrach (HoP Social Workers) have had a busy week. On Sunday Shadrach visited Ken as he is one of our bank signatories and Ken seems to be coping well.

The Lego arrived a week ago and the boys spent Sunday afternoon building structures from the Lego – they each seem to have had one colour to use – not how the children here would have played! Even the older boys really enjoyed making things.

‘Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18 v 27

The shopping was bought on Monday and teacher Frances has been teaching some of the younger boys most days this week.

Tuesday, Peace and Shadrach travelled to Ibanda to see Anton and to meet with his sister, the local chairman and the neighbours to discuss a small house being built on our land. Anton and his sister will contribute to the cost and the chairman is finding a builder to provide us with an estimate. At least Anton would then be able to keep animals on the plot without them being taken away and he would save on paying rent.

On Wednesday they returned via Masaka and collected young Brian, who has been staying with his grandmother during lockdown, keeping himself busy, looking after the animals and also helping with the maize crop. He has returned to us as it looks as though the schools will open shortly. Brian is a bright young lad and needs to catch up with school work as he has obviously missed out on his education this last year.

They also visited a medical centre in the area with a box of knitted items, blankets, fish and chip jumpers etc. – to be given to local mums.

We have been informed that Asaph (Carpentry Course) and Ronald (Plumbing and Welding Course) can return to Don Bosco on the 1st March, so it looks as though the colleges are opening up again. Haruna (Welding course) also begins at Connect Africa that day. The staff and I will have a Zoom meeting next week to discuss if any of our other boys should be starting new courses.

Saturday the boys enjoyed their art classes – they have been making collages on hardboard using paint and seeds which look very effective, they really enjoy being creative in these classes with Mary.

This week I gave a Zoom talk to the Mothers’ Union at St. Paul’s Winchmore Hill – talking about the boys made me realise just how much I miss them all. In preparing for the talk I was looking through photographs of many of them and seeing how much they have grown and changed over their time at George’s Place. God has always been blessing our work and so many of these young lads lives have been changed thanks to your generous financial support and prayers.

With every blessing.