27th May, 2018

Dear friends,

Early Monday morning Sue and I collected Peace and went to the local market to buy fruit and veg. We took William with us to look after and pack the car, as we sent a young boy back with our purchases. Everything was fresh and looked good and it only took us a couple of hours to fill the car with pineapples, melons, pawpaws, matoke, cassava, sweet potatoes etc. Having 14 hungry boys at home all day is interesting! Later in the day, we took Patrick, Derick and Emma back to Meeting Point for their Vocational Training (Boarding).

This week Sue and I went on a quest to find school shoes. At a local Bata Outlet we found some ‘Toughies’, (£15). Sue has kindly bought four pairs and HoP another couple so some of the boys are happy now with new shoes – we have only bought second hand in the past and hopefully, these will be longer wearing.

‘The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart’. 1 Samuel 16 v 7

Most of the boys are back, only young Brian and James haven’t yet returned, Brian’s relatives will take him to meet Bob in Masaka as he returns from Rukungiri on Monday. The boys will all be off to school early Monday morning – they have all their requirements which was quite a challenge – making sure pens, pencils, colours, sharpeners, rubbers, rucksacks, uniforms (all clean), toilet paper, brooms, reams of paper etc. are all-ready.

On Thursday morning Diana and Shadrack took Sue to the Outreach Programme in Kisenyi to meet some of the street boys. I arrived just as they were finishing, having visited the bank, paid bills and driven from one side of the city to the other – a lorry had blocked the road in Oweni Market so there was 10-minute wait whilst locals tried to sort the problem! Sue experienced these young boys needing attention, a hug, being fed, talked to, counselled and medical needs addressed. One was ‘draped’ over her when I arrived – very unclean, but she was smiling!

Our boys also went swimming this week and we all walked to KK Beach on Saturday afternoon for the usual entertainment. Having prayers before we left George’s Place for their return to school and Paul and Simon Peter going off to their plumbing and welding course at Don Bosco – equipped with gumboots, goggles, helmets, masks etc.

One evening Sue and I were invited to supper at Diana’s to celebrate Shadrack’s birthday and spent a very pleasant evening with him and some of his friends.

We are planning a quieter day today – off to church – out for coffee and some relaxing time – possibly in the garden.

With every blessing on this Lords day.