10th March, 2019

Dear friends,

I arrived back in London early Saturday morning and straightaway noticed the cold!

Already I miss the boys and all at George’s Place but am delighted to see my family.

It seemed a busy week – Martin left last Sunday evening.

There has been rain in Ibanda and Anton sent photos of the land which is now ready for planting gnuts and matoke. He has two women helping him with the planting and is in the process of building a store for the hoes etc. We are so proud of all he is achieving.

Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. Mark 12 v31

Bob and I collected boxes that had arrived from the UK on Tuesday – replenishing our store cupboard – as well as knitted baby/toddler things for the hospitals. Thanks to Jackie for all the ‘Fun Day’ t-shirts.

When the boys arrived back from school they were all given new t-shirts so are looking smart. There were a few problems at school with Asaph. (He is only in Primary 1 as he has never been to school before and is about 12 yrs.) Bob and Peace sorted this out with the school and on their return, Bob spoke to the boys about their behaviour and the need not to be bullying younger boys. We have 12 boys in Maranatha school who all look out for each other but this can also cause a few problems!

I left Friday lunchtime for the airport, all the boys were off school for International Women’s Day. They were happy to go swimming in the afternoon. They also went to KK Beach on Saturday afternoon.

Hopefully, I will catch up with many of you over the next three weeks but I do need to be clearing some of my house as the sale is going through fairly quickly, so apologies if not. I was so pleased to see Ann from Hornsby Parish Church yesterday – she was visiting Clock House Nursery in the afternoon and phoned on the off chance that I would be home – she even bought homemade cake – such a treat!

Thank you for all your love and support – a plea for boys shorts, vests, swimming shorts, boxer shorts and socks!

Love and prayers.