21st January, 2018

Dear friends,

I arrived back in Uganda on Thursday afternoon – exhausted – left home around 3.30pm Wednesday but with stopover time in Dubai and two flights of 7 and 5 hours respectively didn’t arrive until 2.30pm Thursday –  we are 3 hours ahead here at the moment. (Of course, Bob was there to meet me.) The flights were good and I did, in fact, manage to sleep for a few hours.  The sun was shining, and the warmth here is wonderful, back to T-Shirts and sandals.

We went straight to see the boys and they are all fine and were excited to see me. Someone had kindly sent some knitted baby things and also enclosed packets of sweets which I had put in my hand luggage, these were quickly shared and devoured with relish.  When I arrived at work on Friday morning we had another birthday celebration of cake and sodas – I have really been trying to forget I’m such a great age!  The boys went off in the afternoon to play football – Uncle Sam has found a school field, nearby, very reasonable rent.   As it’s still school holidays the boys are going regularly to improve their football skills – an answer to prayer. ‘Thank you, Jesus’.

‘Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.’ Psalm 107 v1

So I’m back working – enjoyed sweet potatoes, ‘Irish’ potatoes and beans in sauce for lunch! By Friday we had power – so hot water and WiFi – am feeling blessed!

Saturday was Fridah and Ted’s wedding which we had all been invited to at St Stephens Church. The reception took place in the grounds of Heritage (a large private International school where I attend Kampala International Church on Sundays). You will see from the photos how beautiful everything looked. I’m not sure any of the boys had been to a Wedding before but they really enjoyed themselves, especially the food and HoP were given one of the tiers of the cake to take home! I’m not sure there will be any left when I arrive on Monday.

It was good seeing so many of you during my visit and catching up with your news. Thank you once again for your loving support – the staff are very aware that we are doing God’s work and He is the one blessing us, through you, in many different ways. Great excitement over the 15 badminton rackets I brought back with me – there are still another 4 to bring out as I couldn’t get them in my luggage. Also the track suits – some more on their way with my friend Jackie who is coming to see me next month.

Thank you once again for all you are doing to support and help these young lads to change their lives.

With love and prayers.