Street boys at Freedom City

8th September, 2019

Dear friends,

It’s been wet and cooler this week and although the sun has been out most days we’ve also had rain nearly every day or night.

The boys are all fine. Some of them enjoyed going shopping with Bob again on Monday to buy all the fruit and vegetables. They stopped and talked with the market vendors who have been supplying us for years and one of the ladies gave us extra watermelons.

I spent Tuesday morning at the Immigration offices to get my visa stamped in my passport. You have to be fingerprinted and photographed consequently all this takes time but at least it’s done for another three years.

‘The Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.’‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭ 10 v6

Chantal worked two days helping the boys with their reading and Jackie came to work in the office on Wednesday. I have spoken to Petra, her baby weighed 3.4kg and is called Myra, she is working from home for a couple of hours helping with the tax and NSSF contributions also checking the work I’ve been doing on the accounts.

On Wednesday we took the boys to Freedom City, (their treat for staying well and not falling sick). The younger ones really enjoyed themselves – swimming and playing, the older ones seem to like spending time together listening to music, playing on iPads and talking with Bob.

We collected ten boxes from ‘Salabed’ that had arrived from the U.K. on Thursday so there was great excitement as these were opened. All those that wanted a small soft toy were allowed to take one. I gave the children living in my compound an ‘elephant’ each and left the rest of the toys for children in hospitals we shall be visiting. There was a large skateboard, badminton rackets, clothes, trainers – which will be useful in the coming months. Also an old CD/radio player of mine, that the older boys now have in their house and many other things – everyone was happy.

Paul has been busy mending trousers and making some small bags which I shall bring back with me.

I spent time this week, looking back through my photos of when the boys first arrived and comparing them with photos of them now! They have certainly grown and changed – we will probably put these on prayer cards for you as reminders to be praying for our work.

Saturday we enjoyed time at KK Beach. We have visitors from the U.K. today who have been working at a babies home in Kampala and have asked to come and meet us.

With love and prayers.