26th January, 2020

Dear friends,

Paul and Shaffick did not return to Vocational Training last Monday, hopefully they will be back this coming week. They both had toothache – Shaffick is cutting a wisdom tooth and insisted on going to see the dentist – who cut the gum – he has been in agony. Paul needed a filling. They did call at the school on Wednesday but no one had arrived – this sometimes happens when they start back early – parents, teachers, students are not prepared!

It was my birthday on Tuesday, so we had a cake and sodas to celebrate, the boys made me cards. We then took them swimming in two cars. The old car has been in the garage and is now working well. The weather has been so hot and they really appreciated the cool refreshing water and looking for coins Shadrach had thrown in! Another afternoon we tried to go to Jahazi Pier but it was closed so went back to KK Beach.

‘If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.’ James 1:5

Simon Peter and Brian have been busy fixing one the outside toilets that needed a new stand and SP also changed a valve in one of the bathrooms that had been leaking – it is good to see them actually putting their skills into practice.

Tony has been at vocational training all week. He’s up by 5.30 am to begin work at 7 am, returning home at about 7 pm. He looked tired by the end of the week. I saw him Thursday evening when I was on my way home – he bought tears to my eyes – he looks so proud of himself and waved me down for a quick conversation. We had called and seen Nathan the man in charge of the project who is happy with Tony’s attitude to work/timekeeping – he reported he is polite and doing well – prayers please that this continues.

Tim is now at Las Vegas Supermarket on an internship baking cakes and cookies – they have said that when they have a vacancy they will offer him a proper job – hopefully, this happens soon as he is impatient to be working and earning money!

Shadrach and I took eight boys on Friday morning to buy school shoes – we have also bought some really good rucksacks for carrying all their things to school. Asaph has now returned from the village.

The older boys seem to be continually in my office wanting to talk about one issue or another. I could do with the wisdom of Solomon!

I have sorted out all Denis requirements for boarding school. Ole left a large suitcase one time when he came to visit so Denis now has this packed and ready to go, but thankfully there is another week before they are all due back at school – still plenty to do!

With love and prayers.