3rd February, 2019

Dear friends,

I’m sitting at KK Beach waiting for the boys to arrive – I drove the car and they are walking here; Bob is away for three weeks and I’m not allowed to drive the minibus (being over 70) so lots of walking this week for the boys. It must be about 93 degrees in the shade and I’m looking out over Lake Victoria. People are swimming – though there are large signs saying ‘Police notice, No Swimming’, also there are a couple of jet skis and a few motor boats! It could be anywhere in the West Indies but I think the really loud music and rapping lets you know it’s Africa!

‘If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.’ Matthew 21 v22

We have sorted out the boys requirements for going back to school and tomorrow I will be taking Denis back to boarding school in Entebbe and Simon Peter to Vocational Training at Don Bosco in Bombo. Victor returned on Friday evening looking very smart in new clothes his family had bought for him. Everyone was happy to see him back.

Jackie and Peace went to buy the weekly perishable foods on Monday morning in the market whilst I waited in the car for a young man to carry things back to me. It’s been really hot all week. We went to Jahazi Pier on Monday afternoon and swimming Tuesday. Jackie left the early hours of Thursday morning, she spent Wednesday making sure the boys had their pencil cases, pencils, exercise books, coloured pencils, rubbers, rulers, pens, mathematical sets etc. etc. in their school bags – so everyone should have all they need for Monday. I have to deliver the reams of paper, brooms, toilet paper, and pay school fees and for extra uniforms that are needed. This is such an expensive time for people, especially those on low salaries with three of four children – schools fees are expensive and the requirements lists extensive. Everywhere you go people are looking for school fees and I have had a few phone calls asking if we can help.

We had a bit of a drama this week – Augustine was visiting his home in Palisa and we asked him to travel to Mbale and collect Tim’s certificate from the college he attended (Tim’s name had been wrongly spelt). Augustine collected the amended certificate from the college but inadvertently left it on a taxi when he changed taxis in Jinga. He has spent the last few days trying to locate the taxi driver and thankfully found the driver on Saturday afternoon – to everyone’s relief – (CCP would not issue another certificate) hopefully he will arrive with the certificate later today. An answer to prayer.

Anton has been in touch and is busy digging the land, for a second time, with some hired help, before planting can be done – he is intending to plant gnuts late February early March. He has already built a store on the land so that he doesn’t have to leave tools at the neighbours hut. It has been very hot and dry there as well – I have been looking at buying a large water butt for him that can be rolled, to help with the watering. He seems to be working hard and we will visit again at the end of this month. Thank you for all your love, prayers and support for our work which we really appreciate.

With love and prayers.