8th March, 2020

Dear friends,

Last Sunday after church I went to Maranatha Senior School to see Dennis as it was Visiting Day. Simon Peter and Patrick, who was visiting for the weekend came with me. Dennis is fine though needs a new pair of school shoes – the ones he has are over a year old and worn out, I’ll try and get him a pair today if the traffic isn’t too bad! (Shoes bought.)

Sula is now back with us – he and his sister arrived on Monday afternoon and after a long talk and assurances that he is serious about schooling he moved back in. His family had always given him small pocket money in the past but I felt this was unhelpful and it has now stopped.

‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.’ Proverbs 3 v5/6

On Tuesday we travelled to Mbale, Peace, Augustine, Shadrach and I. On our way we called at Augustine’s home in Palisa to see his family, there is another baby – Auntie Jane has grown as you can see in the photograph! We were made very welcome and gave out the ‘fish and chip’ knitted jumpers, teddies, blankets and shoes to the children – all were gratefully received. We arrived at Mbale about 9pm.

The next morning we had an early start, Derrick came for breakfast, and the builder who is going to start construction on Mary’s house came for a meeting, to discuss details. Mary’s house has completely collapsed now and she and her grandchildren are staying nearby. After our meeting with the builder, we took Derrick to the Probation Officer to get our paperwork signed and stamped and then travelled up to Derrick’s home to meet his father and look for the LC1, who also has to stamp and sign our legal documents to place Derrick back in his father’s care.

There was an opportunity to give out more shoes, knitted jumpers and teddies to the local children before the rain poured down. This is not a good area to be caught in when it rains, as we were high in the hills and the roads can be treacherous – which we found out! On our way back from the LC1, the car skidded and we were suddenly facing a different direction, the wheels were caked in thick slimy mud, after this we had to manoeuvre a steep slope onto a new main road, Derrick and Augustine managed to walk/slide to the main road and stopped speeding traffic as the car slid down the deep track – there were lots of prayers and thanks when we were all safely back in the car on the main road! Peace has a tendency to be a back seat driver!

We later visited a welding shop where Derrick – after negotiations, will do six months Industrial Training. As we were not far from Emma’s grandfather we called to greet him. Augustine left us at the turn off for Palisa to stay a few days with his family, we then started the long journey back to Kampala.

Prayers for boys:

  • Charles has not settled at the garage and would like to join Haruna on the welding course – I am looking into this.
  • Derrick as he settles back with his father and works.
  • Anton as he plants more matoke and beans, Sula as he resettles in George’s Place.
  • Tony – we have not seen him or heard of his whereabouts.
  • Tim – he continues working hard at the bakery, he would love to be employed by them.
  • Work for Simon Peter
  • Management Meeting next Wednesday.
  • That everything runs smoothly whilst I am away


  • For the younger boys all doing well in school.
  • Everything running smoothly at GP.
  • The new Julius who works 7 pm-7 am – who is great with the younger boys and relates well to the older boys
  • Yusuf – he has planted maize in the compound – his own initiative!

Today, Saturday, we have visitors, Tolu, who visited us last year and is working at Sanyu Babies Home for a couple of weeks. Also Marissa and Ruth from church, we met last week at the Women’s Meeting, they are joining us at KK Beach.

On Thursday next week, I am off for nearly three weeks holiday, returning on 30th March, – I haven’t had a proper holiday for a few years now and am looking forward to a break. Hopefully, I’ll be able to send you some photos of the boys during this time and keep you updated.

With love and prayers.