4th June, 2016

Dear friends,

The website is now up and running thanks to my James’s hard work, please do take a look, keep clicking! ?

We have two new additions to George’s Place, Susie and Daisy (dogs). I had a phone call from James the vet who told me that Martin from church was going back to Sweden on Thursday and had asked him to put his dogs down as they were old, James phoned me and consequently they have joined our family. They won’t leave me alone and everywhere I walk/sit they are there. Fridah and most of the adults in George’s Place are nervous of them, their fur, smell, what you might catch from them etc. but the boys are happy and I think when the dogs get used to the noise and activity they will settle in. I have left Susie and Daisy at my home for a couple of days but that causes problems for the chickens who don’t like being chased – life is never easy.

We had our weekly walk to Munyonyo one afternoon as the boys enjoy having races (Uncle Sam is always the winner) the place is really open and the grounds spacious – its a beautiful spot on the shores of Lake Victoria. You can only play football there on a Sunday.

Health report – Samuel has had to go back to the dentist for fillings, following his tooth extraction, he has a very sweet tooth and is always asking for sweets, in fact he’s always asking for everything. He is really artistic, doesn’t like football, dancing or games but enjoys drawing, making things out of wire, school work, playing on my iPad etc., we are starting to recognise the boys gifts/talents. We now have mosquito nets over all the beds as well as mesh on all the windows, so hopefully the malaria problems will cease.

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.’ Revelation 21 v 4

Godfrey the manager of Crane called to see us on Thursday, he brought all the information we need for running the home and gave us lots of advice, then inspected the house and was really positive about what we are doing. He talked to the boys individually and as a group and shared his faith referring them to the book of Revelation 21 about the new heaven and earth and saying this was a new start for them and to use the opportunity. He stayed for lunch, I am so pleased that we have joined Crane as they have been keeping children safe in Uganda for more than 10 years now, (I think there is a lot of British influence).

The worship times at George’s Place every morning are very special, the singing, praising, drums, prayer time and sharing a blessing to be a part of.
We are probably going back to Ggaba beach on Saturday. Sunday we shall go to the Anglican Church as its a zone Sunday at KIC. I did go back to Balikuddembe this week to see if we could start feeding street boys again from there but no chance, will keep looking and praying for the right location.

It’s been half term here so on Friday afternoon I took, Aaron, Bruno, Sheila, Mary and Melissa to see Jungle Book at the cinema and then to KFC for chicken and chips – I haven’t seen them for a few weeks as the weekends have been busy for me and Aaron is now at boarding school. It was their first visit to a cinema, we had a good time and I enjoyed relaxing!

With love and prayers.