15th July, 2018

Dear friends,

Peace and Bob took the three new boys, early in the week to register them with the police and probation services, which took a few hours. Two of them went to sleep during the process. These boys have settled into George’s Place quickly although their reasons for being on the streets are very sad.

All the boys are fit and healthy, Haruna’s skin rash is improving daily. Tuesday was a Bank Holiday as there was voting for Local Councillors, the boys had a day off school, we took them all swimming in the afternoon, which they enjoyed. I had to drive the car as there are so many of us now we can’t all fit in the minibus. We have had new glass put on the Ludo board so this is in full use again and of course, table tennis, basketball, badminton and football are played regularly. One of our neighbours has been confiscating the footballs which land in their compound on a regular basis, but they did return one this week which we really appreciated

‘This is what the Lord…..says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.’ 2 Kings 20 v 5

The boys at Maranatha School, (10) went on a study tour on Friday, two classes visited the Parliament and a bakery factory and the others Freedom City, (which I haven’t been to so am not sure what is there!). The evening before there was great excitement in preparation for a school outing, they arrived home early so that uniforms could be well washed and shoes shone.

It’s been busy in the office this week, Catherine an Accountant whom Nora recommended visited to help us understand exactly what processes need to be in place here with our accounts for our registration as an ‘Approved Home’. Our accounts which have been audited in the UK have to be audited in Uganda as well. Petua, a young lady is coming to help us one day a week. Fridah has gone to America with her new husband for four months to visit his family and the Missionary Organisation he works for, so I have been typing up and sending our weekly expenses to Lynn our Treasurer.

One lunch time I went for coffee with Anna (Swedish nurse) from church who visited the boys last year and Cheryl (Canadian young mum) who has been involved in the Outreach Programme to street children which informed us of Haruna and his need to be in somewhere. It was good to meet, talk and pray together about our work.

I don’t think I’ve been back home from George’s Place until after 7.30pm every evening this week. Which is fine, but when I get home I just feel like sitting and doing nothing for a couple of hours until it’s time for bathing and bed!

And so another week has gone by, of course, we went to KK Beach today. Tomorrow Sunday, Bob and I will see Denis who has a school Visiting Day. We also plan to visit Judith, the young girl we found abandoned in hospital a few years ago. We paid her hospital fees at the time and got her into ‘Cornerstone’ an organisation that helps abused girls, she is now in a home near Entebbe and I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.

Thank you for all your love and support.