13th December, 2020

Dear friends,

One morning this week I visited Forty Hill School and talked with Year 3 about the work of Homes of Promise. I really enjoyed my time in the school as the children were interested and asked lots of questions about life and Christmas in Uganda.

Anton telephoned me on Friday morning (5.45am), I don’t think he realised the time difference of 3 hrs (Did you ever? – J). I spoke to him later in the day and he has been growing and selling maize. The matoke he planted is also maturing well and he has sold some of the bananas. He is wanting to start building his own house on the land so that he can keep animals. He already has 6 chickens and one is sitting on eggs so will have a few more shortly! He would like to buy a pig but thinks it would be stolen if he wasn’t staying on the land. I think this is a good idea, he is capable of hard work and possibly Augustine and some of the other boys could go and help him. We had a good conversation about planning ahead – it is so encouraging to see the older boys more settled and planning for the future.

‘I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.’ Psalm 9v1

The meeting with the Ministry of Gender was put back to next Tuesday – Peace had attended a wedding last Saturday, sadly the groom collapsed and died on the Sunday – she was in a state of shock when I spoke with her. Sadly if you are taken ill suddenly and there is no transport available to take you to a hospital there is very little chance of surviving!

The older boys have been sorting out the storeroom at George’s Place as next week I am moving out of my house in Uganda and storing some things there. When I return I shall stay with my Missionary friend Diana from Canada. I thought this would be a difficult move being so far away but Ian from Kampala International Church has been organising everything and amazingly the packing up seems to be running smoothly. I think Ian has more experience in moving than I have!

The younger boys are all fine. We are planning for some more of them to return to their relatives in the village over the Christmas period, wishing them to stay out of Kampala until after the elections in the middle of January.

Petra continues to work hard on the accounts each week and everything seems to be functioning well. Saturday, Ken is going to George’s Place to talk with the staff – it is a blessing to know that he and Betty are taking such an interest and concern in the work. I really appreciate this. Shadrach has his graduation ceremony on Saturday and is now a Social Worker! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for all your prayers and support for Homes of Promise, God continues to bless our work and it is really exciting to see how these young boys lives, (some nearly men) have changed over the last few years.

With love and prayers.