8th August, 2021

Dear friends,

This week I had a visit from Sue Parks whom I met in Uganda and was at one time a trustee of Homes of Promise. You might remember the following excerpt from my newsletter in July 2017.

‘On Friday afternoon I went with Sue to visit a young Sudanese girl, Faiza, who walked with a group of people from Yambio Town in South Sudan to get here, (Kampala) they slept by the road, no blanket just the clothes they stood up in. The South Sudanese Archbishop has placed her in a boarding school and a friend of Homes of Promise is willing to support her with school fees and requirements. Sue has been busy buying mattress, sheets, toiletries and we organised for the school uniform to be available and the school fees to be paid. Faiza was so happy and thanked God that He had supplied all her needs.’

‘But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love,’ Psalm 33 v 18

Latest information on Faiza – she has now successfully completed the Ugandan Certificate of Education (GCSE) and Sue is looking for a college for her to attend for Vocational Training. I have suggested Connect Africa, when they reopen, as they have courses in cookery, tailoring, computer studies etc. The photograph is of Faiza and Joyce, a friend of Sue’s, who Faiza has been spending school holidays with. Sadly the SS Archbishop has died and his large extended family are still struggling in Kampala. Please do be praying for this young lady and the many South Sudanese refugees.

The boys at George’s Place are all fine. I spoke with most of them Saturday lunchtime, they joked with me and said they were having chicken for lunch but when plates were handed out it was posho and beans! Chicken is a treat! Mary the art teacher was there and they had just finished a class. She is wanting to use our old tyres to show the boys how to make plant pots next week. Sam, our Warden has gone away for a few days break leaving the two Julius’s running the home. Paul, who is on the tailoring course, has been busy mending the boys clothes. Griffin and Asaph have both returned from the village and Dennis is hoping to return next week. It was quite noisy and busy when I was talking with the boys and the connection wasn’t good but it was great to see everyone fit and healthy and being well fed!

Gorette and Halima our cooks have reported back for work as the lockdown is easing, but schools, colleges and churches are not yet open.

The Older boys – Shadrach visited Simon Peter, this week, who is in independent living, I hardly recognised him in the photographs. He seems to be managing well. Anton sent me photos of himself burning his land in the hope of being able to plant seeds after the rains have arrived.

George’s Place – work has been taking place on the main house and the outside walls are also being repaired by us and the landlord. I managed to send a suitcase and a box of knitted items, (including hats that the boys will be thrilled with) off for shipment this week.

Thank you for all your kindness in supporting our work. God continues to bless us and the boys and their families.

Love Jane