10th November, 2019

Dear friends,

Last Sunday, Martin, Mike, Bob and I travelled to Ibanda to check on Anton and to see how he is progressing on the land. We arrived and found Anton playing a game of football with friends, it is encouraging to see the way he has fitted back into his home environment and is also spending time with his sister as well. The maize, cassava, matoke and millet are all doing well but the watermelon crop had failed especially in areas where the land is dry – though he assured me he had spent time watering. The next day I had a serious talk with Anton about his commitment to farming. He has been spending some of his time borrowing a friends boda and driving people into town to supplement his income – we will see him again early next year.

‘The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.’ Psalm 121 v7/8

Bob was busy on Tuesday stocking the store so that we have enough dry goods whilst he is away. We also started editing the video which is nearly finished and hopefully I will be bringing back with me. Petra arrived back at work that day with baby Myra – (that’s what happens here – baby comes too!). I’m not sure how much work got done!

Martin and ‘Professor’ Mike (as Bob and the boys call him) left on Wednesday evening, it had been a busy couple of weeks with them – Martin will write something for next week’s newsletter of his ‘experiences’ here.

Chantal has been here helping this week as we had a Management Meeting on Thursday and needed the new boys being looked after whilst the meeting was taking place. The meeting seemed to go well, and there were not too many queries. Derrick and Simon Peter have both arrived back home, as they have finished their final exams, we shall now start looking for internships for them.

Bob left for the U.K. on Friday – I took him to Entebbe. He will be spending a week with Jackie and Jim and catching up with some of the friends he has met over the years, before I arrive, to visit churches, Forty Hill school, youth clubs, Trustees, etc. to talk about our work.

So we are around to Saturday again and I’m just off to George’s Place to walk the boys to KK Beach for our usual outing. Karo (Emirates crew, who I stayed with a few weeks ago in Dubai), has a stopover here tomorrow so will be visiting GP – the boys really love her – she is so ‘bubbly’.

As I sort things out here for my return visit there don’t seem to be enough hours in my days! But this is when we have to trust the Lord for his grace to get all the important things done as I leave our wonderful boys in His hands!

With love and prayers.