18th February, 2018

Dear friends,

Greetings from a very warm Kampala.

Peace and I collected Jackie my friend from the UK on Wednesday and unexpectedly Betty was there collecting one of her daughters from the same flight, I hadn’t seen her for a while, but hopefully we’ll catch up for coffee one morning. Jackie had chatted to an American lady in the queue for the visas who we gave a lift to and strangely she was staying the night with some people I know who used to go to Kampala International Church. Of course Jackie and I went off to George’s Place after she had freshened up – for her to say hello to the boys. Jackie had bought some of the wonderful tracksuit jackets we have been given from St Albans boys school – the trousers are arriving by sea – so everyone has a new jacket now, some are reluctant to take them off even in this heat!

‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer & petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.’ Philippians ch 4 v 6. (Verse sent by Robert yesterday – seems appropriate)

Thursday morning we visited Diana who is back from South Africa (she had kindly come and stayed with me Monday night) this weekend she is visiting the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria with Sue, we then went into Kampala to the bank and to get some shopping for GP. We were back in time for lunch and spent a quiet afternoon unpacking the games and Tshirts/Swimming trunks/gifts Jackie had brought until the boys returned from school when she spent time playing games (learning the complicated card game) with the boys.

Friday was a bank holiday and in the afternoon we took the boys swimming – maybe it wasn’t my best idea as a school also arrived and there was very little room for actual swimming but they all enjoyed splashing around in the water!

Saturday afternoon saw us down at KK beach for football, badminton (the volleyball was punctured so will need fixing!), trampolining and generally enjoying ourselves with sodas and loud music – there was a breeze that was very much appreciated.

This week I had several visits to a house in front of George’s Place that has been redecorated and is up for rent, it seems a natural progression to take this over and enlarge our premises so that we can take more boys off the streets. Your prayers please as we make this important decision. The lady who owns the house has said that we can make a doorway in the wall between the two properties but I would of course have to check this with our landlord as well.

Thank you for all your prayers and support – the boys are growing into healthy, kind, responsible youngsters and are a real pleasure to spend time with, so we give God the glory as He is changing these broken lives into something beautiful.

With love and prayers,