24th June, 2018

Dear friends,

I’ve just come home, it’s 9pm on a Saturday evening. We’ve had a good day with the boys, they were supposed to be having a football match against AYFD an organisation that works with street connected youths but sadly from their point of view the match was cancelled – not from mine! It would have probably been an hours drive each way to the football pitch, because of unbelievable traffic, there’s no shade when you get there etc.

Happily we had our normal Saturday visit to KK Beach. The boys enjoyed dancing, football, badminton, the bouncy castle and the trampolines. Young Yusuf fell asleep after 20 minutes on the trampoline and a strenuous game of badminton against uncle Bob. Victor has a sore throat and swollen glands and was taken to the clinic this morning but managed to enjoy himself.

…………….(they)’were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit’ (Acts 13:52).

The whole week seems to have revolved around sport. There has been great excitement over the World Cup football matches – I treated them to a month’s DSTV so they can watch – Uncles Sam, Paul and Timothy also seem to be appreciating.

The nets are up for basketball which has been played after school most evenings, when uniforms have been washed, shoes cleaned, and homework finished. We’ve also had plenty of table tennis games, this has really made a difference to the boys as there is always something energetic to be doing.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week in the office in preparation for the Management Meeting next Tuesday and hopefully everything will be in place.

My friend Pat, a missionary, who has been in Uganda for about 15 years is leaving and coming back to the UK to live a week on Monday. Her neighbours from Kenya invited her and two friends (Rosie and I) for a farewell supper on Thursday evening with another Nigerian couple and we spent an enjoyable time eating out at a local hotel. They had bought flowers for the table and following the meal we had a wonderful cake, she was so moved by their friendship, kindness, and generosity.

We had expected Karo who lives in Dubai (her home church in Poland recently held a fund raising event for HoP at a restaurant in Warsaw) to come today, but she has been ill and Emirates have changed her roster, I know the boys are going to miss seeing her – hopefully she will get a flight soon.

The boys all seem to be growing up quickly and are really happy and good fun to be with, occasionally we have a few problems but God has really been blessing us through them.
Love and prayers