31st January, 2016

Dear friends,

We have had a really busy week. Dr Will Dean has been in Mbarara – for the 2nd phase of the ophthalmic training programme. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet up with him and the team.

Jackie and Jim went to Rukungiri for a couple of days with the Bridge of Hope people who arrived on Tuesday. They were delighted to visit their sponsored child Catherine and her guardian and really appreciated seeing the change of scenery in that part of the country.

Whilst they were away I have been busy sorting out the Meals for Kids project which will start up again on Monday in. St. Balikuddembe Convent grounds. We have found a new cook, delivered rice, vegetables, new saucepans, stove, mingling sticks, etc. The grounds have a shower and latrines the boys can use at a nominal monthly fee. Father E was slightly reluctant to have the street boys in the compound but has agreed for a trial period. Brian (used to be my house guard) is going to come along and help as Bob is in Rukungiri for three weeks and we felt we needed someone to control the boys. So prayers please as we start this new venture of feeding the boys on our own. (Barbra, Tresor, Brian and I).

Today we visited Sarah’s ‘Mission of Hope’ and the children who live there sang and danced for us, some of them were out at the Korean church, but we looked around the classrooms and home, taking rice, bread, margarine, pencils, coloured pencils, sweets, and exercise books, provided by J & J.

Becky has a new chick, it’s beautiful and we are either naming it Jackie or William. Beatrix and Jenny are both sitting on eggs as well so we might have quite a few new additions to our family, (came back from lunch on Sunday and another had hatched out).

‘Seek first God’s Kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore don’t be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Each day’s own evil is sufficient .’ Matthew 6 v 33 and 34

Barbra, Tresor and I went to the taxi park one morning this week with the medical kit and helped some of the street boys that congregate there cleaning up cuts and grazes, we bought 40 chapati’s which were really appreciated by the boys, (though not enough) but it wasn’t easy, there are 100s of boys, the place is filthy with rubbish everywhere and a hierarchy of older men trying to get money from us for being there, which of course I was not willing to pay. Apart from reminding the boys that we are feeding elsewhere we will keep clear of the taxi park.

Tomorrow we are worshipping at Kampala International Church again and then going for lunch at Cafe Roma with Sue. Jackie and Jim leave on Tuesday, it’s been good having them here, the time has gone quickly, they have certainly had a taste of life in Uganda and the challenges with internet connections, excitement of road travel with bodas (small motorbike taxis which carry everyone and anything, and me trying to avoid them!) taxis, potholes, dust, insect bites, dealing in 1,000,000s etc. weighing against the welcome and friendliness of the people.

Thank you again for your love and support.
With every blessing.