Dear friends,

My friend Betty found Denis sitting by the side of the road in August 2016, when she was out for an early morning walk. I was away in Pakwatch at the time taking another boy to find his relatives. Betty was concerned about Denis (then 14), who seemed to have been living on the streets for a while, she took him to the local police post and telephoned to inform us. On our way back to Kampala we went to the police and Denis was placed into our care. We had to make sure all the paperwork was legally in place with the local Probation Officer and had him checked with our doctor. He was a bright young lad, though had missed a considerable amount of schooling. After finding his father, stepmother and three half-siblings, we registered him in Kennedy primary school where he did well and passed his P7 examinations. He later attended Trinity School for two years before moving nearer to George’s Place and was enrolled at Maranatha Senior boarding school.

In January 2020 he started in S3. His school examination results have always been good.

The boys consider Denis as their head boy/spokesperson and he often has come to me if the boys feel there are problems that need to be sorted out.

We travelled to Pader, in the north of Uganda, and found his mother, (who he had lost contact with many years before) stepfather and a large extended family. He has visited them during school holidays and has been staying with them since the lockdown eased. Denis is a sensible, intelligent young man, who had a difficult time before he came into George’s Place but is now settled, doing well at school and reconciled with his family. We give God the Glory for the changes in Denis’s life.