Big Brian

Dear friends,

‘Big’ Brian’s story. We now have three Brian’s in our care, which can cause confusion! ‘Big’ Brian was one of the first boys to come into George’s Place in 2016. When he arrived he had a terrible skin rash all over his body and it took a few weeks on medication to heal. He is very fit and healthy now.

We found his parents in July of that year. Brian hadn’t expected his mother to be at home as she had left before he had run to the streets but she had returned and there was a very tearful reunion. Brian is the eldest child, there are 5 younger brothers and a sister in the family. The father is a farmer and had lived in a rural area for a long time. Brian returned with us, and the paperwork was put in place for him to be in our care.

Brian attended Kennedy school, reaching P5, until early 2019 when he started at Don Bosco Vocational training college on a plumbing and metalwork course. He has been doing well and it is unfortunate that his studies have been delayed because of the coronavirus. There was a time, whilst he was at school when Brian ran back to the streets and worked making chapatis but he returned to us and has settled down well in the vocational training. Brian is bright, smart, good at conversing in English, ambitious, confident and should do well in all he undertakes. He is at present back in George’s Place and looking for temporary work until the college reopens.

Please be praying for our boys, they have different qualities, gifts, experiences, family situations and problems that only God can heal.