21st March, 2016

Dear friends,

I arrived safely back in Uganda on Thursday afternoon, but my luggage stayed behind in Dubai, I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t turn up on the carousel as I had to run for my flight connection to Entebbe, it was probably the furthest gate from the one I arrived at! Bob collected me from the airport, Barbra, Tim and William were at home to welcome me back and fill me in on what’s been happening here over the last six weeks, although William’s English is limited. Not surprisingly, there had been no power all day so no hot water but Barbra boiled me some to bathe as I still haven’t got accustomed to washing in cold, everyone else in the house does! Phoned my son James – moaned about lack of hot water, light, luggage and he said what about prayer – hadn’t thought of that! Power came back as I got into bed.

Whilst I was at Heathrow awaiting my flight I received an email from Nora my lawyer friend here and Homes of Promise has received approval from the NGO Board in Uganda, we now have to await issuance of a certificate and permission from the Ministry of Gender, not sure what else, but rather exciting news.

Friday – I’m sitting on the verandah, blue sky, warm sun and the chickens running around the compound. I decided to have a quiet day to acclimatise myself to the heat and get back into a very different lifestyle.

Bob and I had a talk with Tim this morning. Tim believes he is 15yrs old though his uncle isn’t sure and there are no records, he attended the hospital appointment last Tuesday and is now on different ARVs – 12 a day! Tim would like to go to boarding school, but to begin with we discussed sending him to a local school run for street boys to find out exactly how serious he is about knuckling down to attending school and learning. In Uganda you are graded by ability so he could find himself in a class with 5-6 year olds if he attends a state/private school, which might not be easy to cope with.

‘For I am about to do something new. See I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.’ Isaiah 43 v19

Luggage arrived safely Saturday morning. I later drove to Acacia Mall and got back into ‘determined’ driving mode – the traffic is always challenging!

Whilst Jackie and Jim were staying with me we visited Sarah’s little school, Mission of Hope, who are in need of paint for the walls in two classrooms. HoP have in the past provided MoH with bunk beds, blankets, doors, sand and cement for floors and walls, the floors had been uneven with holes and the walls open brickwork, the rooms are better but now dark and drab with the concrete so we are looking at supplying paint and arranging for Brian (who was our security man but is also a painter/decorator) to brighten them up.

Palm Sunday Tim and I attended Kampala International Church, lovely to be welcomed back by so many friends. Later in the afternoon Pat and I went to Balikuddembe to see the priest where we had been feeding the street boys. Whilst I was in the UK there had been trouble as a bag had been stolen by one of the boys and a phone from a car where the window had been left open. The police had been called, 15 armed police arrived and said we couldn’t continue feeding until the charity was registered as an NGO, so we have stopped feeding for the present, please continue praying for the boys and God’s leading and guidance as to the way forward. There are still armed/tear gas police vehicles all around the city following the elections and lots of unrest. Please do be praying for Uganda, the project and the registration process.

I also visited George’s Place and went and bought fish, Tilapia in Ggaba, the weather seems to get hotter everyday but no complaints as I believe it’s rather cold back home!

With love and prayers.