4th April, 2022

Dear friends,

Early on Monday morning Diana and I went to a hospital to have our Covid booster vaccinations. We were so pleased that we had made the effort and found somewhere not too far away. Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to the vaccination and by Tuesday lunchtime I was very unwell and had to go home from work – it felt just like having Covid all over again, I slept for nearly 36 hours! Thankfully I was fine for the Management meeting on Thursday, which went well. There was a good turnout with everyone attending, apart from Nora who is always extremely busy. We enjoyed lunch together following the meeting. Patience our Probation Officer has helped us get Care Orders in place for all our boys.

Maria, the art teacher, called at the office on Tuesday morning as she has gone to Karamoja this weekend – we gave her a box of knitted baby clothes and some other things to give to the women attending the mission she is taking part in.

‘I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now,’ Philippians 1 v3-5

Thursday afternoon the five boys from Hope International Vocational College arrived back with their reports. Their results were all very encouraging with Ivan getting an A+ in tailoring for his first term – all of the boys have done really well and I told them how proud we were of them all. Unfortunately Benon has run away from the college following an incident with a girl in the adjoining school – we are hoping he will come back, his parents haven’t heard from him either. Prayers please for Benon, 16 yrs.

Friday morning first thing I went to Meeting Point, where Patrick and Emma two of our boys who are now in independent living were on a welding course which they finished in 2020. They had never received their certificates so I went to collect them. It was good to see the bursar and headteacher again – there had been rumours that they might not be able to reopen the college following lockdown, but they have started a couple of courses. Patrick came and stayed on Wednesday as he had a dental appointment to have a crown fitted.

The younger boys, those in classes P1-5, all came back from school very excited on Friday as they have broken up for Easter holidays, they have to collect their Reports next Friday so shall be at home this week before some of them return to their relatives in the village.

Tresor went to Bugiri on Friday to meet up with Shaffick who has found a suitable room to rent for a small hairdressing salon.

On Saturday the boys squeezed into the minibus and my car as we went for another visit to the new home in Garuga, there were 22 of us I think! It is difficult to keep count, Simon Peter and Big Brian also came along. Godfrey has been staying in Garuga with Patrick our security guard and helping with the cleaning and walking Peanut. Those who hadn’t seen the place before thought it was ideal as it is a long way from the slums of Kisenyi! The boys and Tresor then enjoyed playing football at the nearby field. Dan made a couple of new friends and they also had a kick of the ball once the older lads were exhausted – it was a hot afternoon for football!

There is so much encouragement seeing our boys doing well. Musumba told me this afternoon, whilst we were watching the football, that he is still top of his class, he has been for about the last five years! Omoding is anxious as he spent a long time in the village over the last couple of years and knows he hasn’t done well but he’s doing fine. Some of the boys like reminiscing about the past and their lives before they came to us – I hear some sad stories.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Looking forward to seeing you in May/June.

With love and blessings