27th March, 2022

Dear friends,

Shaffick went shopping with Tresor on Monday morning, he took my iPad as I had asked him to take some photos, I think he has a ‘good eye’ for photography and probably also for hairdressing. On Thursday he and Tresor went into town to buy hairdressing items for him to start a small business. When he is settled Tresor will take all the things we have bought for him to Bugiri.

Gorette’s daughter the other twin, Esther, also called this week as we are helping with her exam fees, so I called at her school to settle these. Sadly Gorette’s ex-husband died this week and Gorette and the family, also Peace, Petra, Paul and Augustine went for the funeral on Thursday to a village near Jinja. It is expected for employers/employees to attend!

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.’ Revelation 21 v4

Ronald has sent us a photograph of Robert, who started this term at,Hope International on a hairdressing course, he looks like he’s really concentrating.

Peace, Tresor and I went to Garuga on Wednesday afternoon to look for a school for the younger boys to attend when we move George’s Place. We found one, which we liked, it is more expensive than others but includes swimming once a week and all the text/exercise books, pencils, pens etc. which at present we have to purchase. The school looks well organised, it’s on the road where the home is and would probably be a 20 min. walk. We also visited a place called Banana Village, which is next to the school. Peace had stayed there for a retreat when she worked for Compassion. It would be ideal for anyone to stay who was visiting our project.

Benard has been unwell all week and we dropped him off near his home when we visited Garuga as he doesn’t live far from there. All the boys are fine and everyone has been at school – exams are over! We planned for Tresor to take them swimming Saturday afternoon but no photos have come through yet and I have been away.

Patrick is much better and had a dental appointment on Thursday, I thought he had had a crown fitted and went to collect him but they had only syringed the cavity and he has to return next week for the crown – he went back to work on Friday.

On Friday morning I collected Shaffick from George’s Place at 9am, Julius, Paul, Patrick and I prayed for our journey and for Shaffick as he settles back in his home town. It took us 2 hours for me to drive to Peace’s church, the other side of Kampala where we met her and Zach who drove us – the traffic jam was awful! We arrived in Bugiri at 2.30pm met the Probation Officer, got our papers signed and then we all went and met the father to talk with him. We later went to the father and stepmother’s home and left Shaffick’s belongings before visiting his mother. This was probably the first time the parents had met together for years and there was some tension but all went well.

We stayed in Mbale Friday night. Saturday morning we visited a young clergy widow, whose husband had been killed in a boda accident a few weeks ago. She has four young children, (Abel, Job, Hope and Hannah) and shortly has to leave the church house where they are staying. Peace had contacted local clergy wives and the Mothers’ Union and they had raised some money for the family which she passed to them, of course we contributed as well, it was all very emotional as Josephine explained how the accident happened and we were then asked to give words of encouragement and prayers for the wife and family. There is no help for clergy wives and their children if their husbands die. Life can be so difficult for people here.

It’s been really hot the last few days, about 30 degrees, with very little rain, March is usually the start of the rainy season, consequently seeds haven’t yet been planted. Thank you for your continued support and love.

Every blessing.

Love Jane