20th March, 2022

Dear friends,

Last Monday Patrick and Emma came with a work colleague to fix some of our old metal beds using a welding machine. Patrick seems very confident in his work and is doing well. On Friday afternoon Patrick called in again, I thought he had been in a fight! His face was very swollen, but one of the teeth he had filled recently has an infection. He could hardly open his right eye. I took him to the clinic and they removed the filling and gave him painkillers, he has been staying at George’s Place this weekend. He has to return to the dentist next Thursday.

Anton has sent photographs of his pit latrine and bathroom that he and a neighbour have been rendering which makes it look much better. Ronald returned to college on Monday as he was much better.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51 v10

Shaffick has finished his hairdressing exams and returned to George’s Place from college on Wednesday. Peace and I are planning to take him to Bugiri next Friday to resettle him with his family. We will help him with some requirements for starting up a small hairdressing business, he wants to teach his brother hairdressing as well. An answer to prayer – that he has finished the course, is reconciled with his father and wants to return to his home town. I am sure he will continue to have challenges as Shaffick is a very strong and determined character but we have an amazing God who changes lives.

Gorette’s son (one of the twins) called in to see me, a relative had been taken sick in the village and Gorette had to travel. He is 17 now and working, learning car mechanics, he is a really nice young lad and said when he is trained he will help me with my car!

On Thursday and Friday Shaffick and Paul cooked the lunch and supper as Gorette was away. Shaffick also made ‘daddies’ small bite size biscuits, for Tresor and I to take to Dennis and Kodet as it was visiting day/sports day at the High School on Friday. We watched the relay race with Denis in, he ran well, and his team came second. There were other races with one girl or boy from each house taking a large mouthful of water from a bucket, running forward about 50 yds. and spitting the water into a soda bottle then returning to get more water until the bottle was full. More fun than an egg and spoon race but not sure about the hygiene! They did change the bottles each race.

Brian has been sick this week and been diagnosed with ulcers but he managed to get himself to school for extra tuition on Saturday morning – we have a rule that boys who are sick cannot go swimming!

Augustine has been painting the medical room, (boys quarters) at the small house which we are keeping as the office when we move to Garuga. Tresor and I also called at the new George’s Place on Friday as a carpenter has been doing some work for us and I wanted to see it before we paid him. Peanut was so happy to see me he jumped into the car whilst I was still at the gate!

After swimming on Saturday we had visitors from the USA, Loy and Brian. Loy is the daughter of Allen who we rent the small house from and wanted to come and meet the boys. Hopefully they will come again as they are here in Uganda until Easter. The boys and staff all sat and introduced themselves and then heard from Brian who is involved in building up small businesses. Patrick, Paul and Shaffick were very interested in what he was saying and I suggested when more of the older boys were home we invited them again.

Thank you once again for your all your love and support. I am attaching our Looking back, Looking forward 2021-22 Annual Report.

With love and prayers