Sunday 24th March, 2024

Dear friends,

I’m travelling back from Winchester after visiting my eldest son and it’s beginning to feel like Uganda, if they had trains! The train is so packed, people standing all the way to Waterloo, you can’t even get into a carriage. I’ve found a seat in a corridor, collapsible, opposite the loo! Giving thanks.

This week the probation officer for Wakiso District, Joanne, went to George’s Place, she had said she would arrive at 8am Tuesday but didn’t actually get there until 4pm. Peace and Benard had spent all day waiting for her! She inspected the home and wants us to take in more boys which is obviously a big commitment and needs a lot of thought and prayer.

‘They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting,
“Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!
Blessed is the king of Israel.” ‘ John 12 v13

Tresor travelled to Kayenga to pay George and Shilla’s school fees, (Dan’s brother and sister), he also visited the family and met the new baby -Jane. He took some of our baby clothes, T-shirts for the younger children, a pair of shoes for the dad from our store, which they really appreciated. The father has built a small outside kitchen.

The boys at George’s Place went to the football academy this morning (Saturday) and Dani the trainer spoke to them before the practise, sharing Psalm 119 v73-74 about knowing who created them and the reason why they should be happy for each other.

Last Sunday, Sue and her friends visited George’s Place, spending time with the boys and being shown around by Benard, this gave Ronald and Robert the opportunity to clean my car.

  • Ram has been taken to the dentist this week and had a tooth removed, he also needed some root canal treatment – I think he must be feeling very sorry for himself.
  • Robert has returned to Malaba to look for work and stay with his grandmother who has promised to help him approach some hairdressing salons.
  • Tresor visited Johnson last Sunday for visiting day at Trinity High School, and I had an opportunity to speak with them.
  • Jovan was also taken to the hospital to receive some medication.
  • Godfrey had come in on Monday and helped with the general cleaning to make sure everything was spic and span for the visitor – he gets paid in meals.

It looks and sounds like everything is running smoothly whilst I’m here, I’ve spoken to Peace, Petra and Tresor this week, who are all fine, also received calls and messages from Augustine, Tim, Emma and Ivan (some of the older boys who are working).

Thank you for all your loving support and kindness for our work and as we approach Easter, ‘May your Holy Week be a sacred time and may God bless us as we make this journey to Easter Sunday together. Stay safe and stay well.’

With love

Jane x