13th March, 2022

Dear friends,

Its Saturday afternoon and I’ve just returned with Tresor from Ibanda where we visited Anton. We left Kampala yesterday morning and got back in time to come and see the boys enjoying their swim. It looks like there will be a downpour very shortly – the sky has turned dark and it must already be raining where my flat is.

Anton was fine, we visited his land, gave out some clothes to his neighbours children and this morning went and ordered sand and cement for him to finish off the latrine/bathroom which he built last year but needs more work on rendering and the base. We also talked of drawing up basic plans for him to start building a small house with the bricks he has been making. Anton, an orphan, was one of the first boys to come into our care, he will be 20yrs. next December. After primary school he did a farming course at Agromax and has been living back in his home village, on his own, for the last three years, growing matoke, beans and watermelon. There has been a challenge in the area recently as there has not been nearly enough rain. When Tresor returns in a couple of weeks he will help Anton buy a water tank to catch rain water from the roof of the latrine. Anton’s pig has grown and he tells me she is now worth 250,000UGX though he is not thinking of selling her yet!

‘So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.’ Colossians 2 v6/7

This week we had a staff meeting on Monday and the staff went to see the new George’s Place on Thursday afternoon whilst I drove to the other side of Kampala with Paul to visit one of our boys in a rehab. unit. He is doing really well.

The boys had Tuesday off school as it was International Women’s Day so Jessie drove the minibus and we also went to see the new home. The boys played football on the ground at the back of the house and lots of local boys joined in – Peanut came with us as Dan liked walking him – we found a chameleon!

One morning, Loy, one of Gorette’s children who we have helped with vocational training in tailoring, came to see if we could help her to do an additional course in interior design – I will need to look into this more closely as we have a lot of expense at the moment but we might be able to help with supporting her for a six month course. I think she should be trying to get some work to help with the following six months fees.

Ronald has come back from college as he has a bacterial infection. Victor has also been unwell all week. The clinic says he has ulcers but he hasn’t responded to the treatment so this has now been changed. Musumba was taken to an eye clinic on Wednesday and they have said he needs an operation, he told me his eye was damaged in 2017, before he came to us but he has only recently complained of his sight being blurred – I will get a second opinion before he has an operation! Asaph in Bombo, has also telephoned saying he is unwell and we told him to take himself to the clinic – no one has been diagnosed with malaria or typhoid which is a relief! The rainy season is just beginning and so are midterm exams!

Tomorrow after church Diana and I have been invited out to lunch by Christine, Kelly and another American couple, David and Michelle, to a local pizza place which will be nice.

Thank you for all your love and support. Prayers please for our reregistration which has not come through yet – Norah our lawyer, is now involved as we cannot find out the reason for the delay!

With love and blessings.