8th May, 2022

Dear friends,

On Monday the older boys went back to college, Asaph to Don Bosco and Ivan, Ronald, New Brian, Robert and Derek to Hope International in Lugazi. They arrived safely, Tresor and Jessie took them in the minibus. In the afternoon they met up with Saviour, Joshua and Omoding in Iganga to bring them back to Garuga. They also took Tim back to the village to spend sometime with his aunt, it was a long day for Tresor and Jessie. Jessie has taken the minibus to be serviced this week.

Griffin and Sula arrived on Thursday/Friday having spent time with their families at Easter. Young Brian, who isn’t so young now, also returned and we are looking to send him for vocational training. Last Monday was a bank holiday as it was Eid Mubarak, I spent time with the boys playing cards, scrabble and watching Mrs. Doubtfire!

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭

Benon who had run back to the streets half way through last term because of problems with a girl at college arrived back at the office on Friday morning. Tim had seen him in Kisenyi on a hospital visit and told him to come back. Peace and I will be talking with him on Monday. He was doing well on his hairdressing course and should have either telephoned us or come straight back if there were problems. When the boys have done anything wrong they have a tendency to run away, from past experience they would have been beaten. The college is happy for him to return but we will monitor him for a few weeks at George’s Place before he returns.

Peace and I visited the school we had hoped to send the younger boys to but we could not afford the fees which had gone up considerably. Everything is going up in price here and also the exchange rate has fallen. We have subsequently registered the boys in a school about 5 mins. walk from the home. Peace and I met with the head teacher, Andrew, who showed us around and the boys have all had interviews, apart from Dan who is staying with his family for a few days. We even prayed with Andrew and another member of staff. I returned to the school on Saturday morning and was told all the boys heads need to be shaved, which didn’t please them! The school is called ‘Little Angels’! They have to be at school at 6.30am each day!

On Wednesday Peace, Sophie and I, Jessie driving, took Dan to stay with his family near Kayunga, for a few days, we also needed to get our papers signed by the Local Councillor (LC1,) and inform him that Dan was in our care. When we left Dan was very funny, telling me he was going to show his siblings how to wash their clothes and keep everywhere clean. They are staying at a family house that belonged to Dan’s grandfather. Their own home collapsed during the rains. We had given the siblings new clothes. Sophie is a young lady who is studying to be a Social Worker and is spending some time with us on a internship.

Saturday saw us back at the swimming pool, though I was informed that Peanut wasn’t welcome in future. He is no trouble but there are dogs there and the owner is anxious about dog fights! Denis, Kodet and Simon Peter, didn’t come with us and spent time cooking ‘daddies’, small biscuits, to take back to boarding school this coming Monday. I had collected Johnson (Musumba) from Ggaba in the morning as he and Kasita are staying at a room in the office as they have attended extra studies, before they join P7 at Maranatha next Monday. He hadn’t seen the other boys for a couple of weeks and enjoyed meeting up with them for lunch and a swim. Kasita stayed behind to clean his shoes.

My flight to the U.K. is tomorrow night, I am always concerned leaving the boys but thankful that they are growing into responsible, caring and thoughtful young lads. Much has been achieved in the last eight months. The Lord continues to provide and bless our work and we give Him the Glory. Thank you for all your love and support.

Hope to see many of you soon.

With love and prayers.