1st May, 2022

Dear friends,

The older boys returned on Thursday in preparation for returning to vocational colleges this coming Monday. Asaph finishes his carpentry course at the end of this year and Ronald his car mechanics course. Ronald is wanting to go back to his home village to settle with his older brother at that time. New Brian, Derek, Ivan and Robert continue their two year courses in car mechanics, hairdressing or tailoring. We are also considering sending our younger Brian on a vocational course as he missed so much schooling during lockdown when he stayed in the village – his last school report was not as good as we expected.

“Yet he has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.” Acts 14 v17

Kasita and Johnson (Musumba) returned to school on Wednesday. They will be going into P7 and are having two weeks extra tuition before the term starts on the 9th. They are staying in a room at the office as they cannot go into boarding until schools resume. Julius our security man is keeping a watchful eye on them and a local cafe are providing them with lunch and supper, breakfast – hard boiled eggs, bread and tea, I’m delivering. I called in on Saturday to see if they wanted to come to Garuga for the weekend but they declined as they are obviously enjoying some ‘freedom’. They are both really good boys.

Thursday I took Tim to the hospital in Kisenyi to speak with the medical staff who are concerned about him – he is not good at taking his strong medication and is really unwell. I also visited Access Clinic who have been treating any of our boys who have fallen sick over the last 6 years. I saw Dr. Kim and said how much we appreciated their services. In Garuga, Tresor and I visited a nearby clinic to ask for a Memorandum of Understanding with them, to be treating our boys now, one of the doctor’s, Dr. Richard, visited George’s Place on Saturday morning. One afternoon Peace, Tresor and I also visited the Town Council to introduce ourselves to the Principal Town Clerk and find out what paperwork was needed to register in Wakiso District.

I have driven to Garuga every day this week, played scrabble and cards with the boys and been with them to the swimming pool and also to watch them play football. It’s the start of the rainy season and most days it has rained at sometime.

We have had an outside kitchen built – the cooks were getting too wet! Godfrey has been busy painting and so it’s looking fine, I talked to him about placing something on the ground to catch the paint drips! Augustine has blocked the door between the two houses in Ggaba (old George’s Place) making a good job with the help of his builder boss’s instructions.

Anton returned to Ibanda on Monday but I had a call from him to say he has fallen ill. I suggested he went to a nearby clinic but haven’t heard from him since.

We have a new addition to the family, Ivan returned with a young white rabbit, (we have named him Peter) the boys enjoyed making a home for him out of an old cupboard and we will look at making him a run. I just hope it doesn’t get eaten when it’s a bit bigger and I’m back in the U.K. This addition has upset Peanut quite a bit, he has also been suffering from enormous ‘tics’.

Diana, Christine and I went out for a fish lunch at Ggaba market on Saturday. Diana is travelling again this coming week and I leave the following Monday evening – time seems to be going really quickly – we thought we should be celebrating our friendship as Diana is retiring shortly and leaving Uganda.

Marie sent some photos of the knitted blankets and baby clothes we had given her that she took to a medical centre in Karamoja a couple of weeks ago. She is coming to paint a sign on the wall of the new George’s Place in a few weeks time.

We are planning for some of the younger boys who went back to their villages for Easter to meet Tresor and Jessie after they drop off the older boys in Lugazi on Monday – not sure how well that will work as they are all in different locations and coming by matatu to meet in Iganga!

This afternoon, Sunday, after church I have a parents meeting at Maranatha Secondary school for Kodet.

There still seem to be a few things that I need to sort out before my return, prayers please, that I get everything done! Thank you for your continued interest and support for our work – the new George’s Place is wonderful with so much space and everyone appreciating the peace and quiet (apart from the TV, which is always on full volume – we can never find the remote).

Looking forward to being back in the U.K. – restrictions have been lifted and I don’t need a Covid test to get out of Uganda now! PTL.

Love Jane