6th August, 2016

Dear friends,

General cleaning took place on Tuesday – the boys with the staff (exception of me) scrubbed floors, walls, tables, benches, outside courtyard until everything was ‘spic and span’. There was lots of messing around, laughing, giggling and noise but the work got done and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We then took them swimming in the afternoon.

I went to Rukungiri last weekend and was so pleased to visit my sponsored children and called in at the BoH Children’s Village for an hour.  The Church Thanksgiving Service was very special – there had been a bad taxi accident earlier this year and amazingly 7 ‘Compassion’ employees who had been travelling in the taxi had survived with minor injuries – definitely something to be giving thanks for as so many people die in car accidents here.  Over 3,000,000UGX was raised for the church during the service – a bit chaotic at the end as a goat, chickens, matoke, pineapples, sugarcane, beans etc. from the offertory we’re auctioned off.  Everyone seems to dance and sing as they bring their gifts – its a real celebration – I’m sure we could all learn from this.  The service lasted 5 hours!  Following this about 200 people were given a hot lunch – good food and well organised.  I was so pleased to be able to attend.

‘They celebrate your goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness’ Psalm 145 v 7

We had a visit on Wednesday, from our friend from Norway, we met in Munyonyo a few weeks ago who was back in Uganda for a couple of days and came to George’s Place. He kindly brought footballs, new jumpers and T-shirts – so everyone was really happy.  Footballs don’t last long here as the ground where the boys play is always just dirt and stones, so these were much appreciated.  Torrential rain arrived in the early evening, with loss of power overnight, I had a call from the boys asking if the jumpers could be given out as everyone was feeling the cold – maybe an excuse to get a new sweater!

I’ve come to Mbale this weekend to visit the houses we have built in the past and The Mothers Union hostel to see it finished, deliver a sewing machine, and attend an MU service,  also to visit the vicar who has retired and his wife.  On the way here we visited a vocational training school as we would like to send one of the boys to learn building/carpentry skills but it wasn’t appropriate.

Love and blessings to you all.