15th January, 2017

Dear friends,

It has been really hot here in Kampala for the last week, brilliant sunshine every day – no rain since I arrived on 30th December, consequently dust, dust and more dust.  Also power cuts – which seem to have been happening regularly – it’s so good when it comes back on again – hot water, wifi connection, charging, cold drinks!

We have two new boys in George’s Place, Yusif and another Brian – Bob found them on Monday when he went shopping to the market, they are probably about 7 and 9 yrs. and are settling in well.  The older boys have been looking after them.  They have had health checks and seem fit and happy.

We have visited Munyonyo a couple of afternoons as there is always a breeze there which we appreciate and the boys run, jog, and exercise for a couple of hours, they are allowed to play on my iPad when they have run 3 circuits of the field, and take it in turns to play a game.  Samuel has arrived back after spending Christmas time with his grandmother in the village, he planted cassava and coffee for her, so we now have everyone here (14).

‘Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care………….So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.’ Matthew 10 v29/31

Tim has continued with his baking, and has made bread, samosas and doughnuts this week – it makes a welcome change from dry bread or gnuts at tea time. He is really a very good cook considering he has only been baking for three months.  He and the other three older boys return to their vocational training courses in Mbale next week, (we are planning to take them back and also to take Shaffick with us as he has some relatives not far from there) I really miss the older boys, when they go, they are such good fun and speak and understand English. Dennis started school on Monday, he is in P7 (top class) he leaves before 7am but this week has been arriving back early at about 3pm.

This afternoon a box I had sent by airmail arrived containing gifts of vests and socks from Jesus Church members, the boys were very excited and look smart in their new vests – there are plenty more on their way but they are coming by sea and take about three months to get here.  We can probably clothe all the boys in Kisenyi when they arrive!  We are planning a visit to a couple of local hospitals as I have a large box of the ‘fish and chips’ baby clothes made by MU members and friends, to give out, so hopefully will get around to that next week.  I saw a lady with a new born baby yesterday sitting on a bench outside her very small one room home when we went to collect the medical reports on the new boys so gave her a couple of beautifully knitted tops someone had made, for the baby, she squealed with delight. 

We also looked for and found the lady who had brought Herbert to Kampala, she is not a relative, he was brought here to look after her poultry but he ran away – we are now planning to take him to visit his grandmother in the south west of Uganda but probably not until March. 

So another busy week!  Tomorrow I am going with the boys to the Anglican Church as we are taking sand and cement as a gift for their new building project. God continues to bless us in our work and we give Him the praise and glory. 

Thinking of you all in the cold and snow!

With love and prayers